Battle Report for Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
11/13/2008Hit and RunWon
Versus Cawdor - Shoot Up
Technical win

We managed to sneak into Cawdor territory and wanted to scrag a few gangers before the bulk of the gang arrived.

The filth was setup on a tall catwalk in the middle of the dome. It seemed like a great position to do sentry duty, unless someone snuck up from behind. Which is exactly what we did.

Only 4 of us were able to make the trip. Machiavelli and Inexora decided to train back at home base instead of coming out. The rest of us would wish they had come.

Upon revealing ourselves directly behind the enemy we dashed for good firing positions. Most of us were left out in the open but we were sure we could take out potential gunman before they could fire or get to a position to do so. The inital salvos were loosed and 4 gangers went down, two of them heavies, leaving only one ganger standing.

Unfortunately we hadn't done any recon because the dome entry we were closest to was the same direction of their home base.

Three enemy gangers charged into the dome right up to Plenarius, and quickly took him down with a power sword. They then consolidated behind some cover to keep Epherion from getting any shots on him. The suddenness of it caught us off guard.

Epherion, not having a shot at any of the new gangers went into overwatch and pinned them like sheep. Myself and Obduratus moved a bit and downed the last ganger on the catwalk.

And then out of nowhere I was charged by two savages! They had swords and kept parrying my blows and managed to score a deep wound in my leg, I managed to stay up. The 3 gangers that had taken down Plenarius moved from cover to shoot at Epherion and he managed to get off 2 shots at them first. But he only downed one of them and missed the other. He and his friend fired back but Epherion's armor prevailed, leaving him pinned.

Obduratus climbed higher and and missed a ganger that was trying to rouse from his wounds we gave him in the initial moments. It seems 2 others started rousing too, things were looking grim. In hand to hand I struggled my best but am not trained to deal with such combats. I was stabbed in the shoulder with a chainsword and fell through a nearby window. The suit must have activated the chameleonic field because they never found me and I awoke alone. Apparently Plenarius had the same thing happen to him. Epherion managed to get up and blast the enemy with the power sword but remarkably he remained standing.

Epherion was charged by the chainsword wielding ganger, who is apparently the leader. The leader hacked many times at Epherion. The power sword nullified his suit's armor but his power field saved one of the two hits, and Epherion remained standing.

After that they were faced with a decision. They could run out of the dome and complet the mission or stay and let Epherion take his chances against the power sword wielding leader. I think they made the right decision and bolted for the table edge to end the mission. Technically we did what we came for, but having two of us go out of action was a loss for me. Especially since Plenarius and I were the ones who went out.

For surviving Obduratus gained a wound and Epherion's armor improved to its maximum. Plenarius and I learned to be humble, thorough, and thank our stars we were not seriously injured.

Player Perspective - In the Hit and Run scenario if you do the shoot up mission be wary of choosing the enemy's table edge as the edge you start on. It means that on a 2,3,5 and 6 the gangers will be able to enter the table ON TOP OF YOU!