Battle Report for Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
Delaque Rescue Mission.

I thought the scenario was like the old one where the defender has sentries and such so I placed a lot of terrain in the middle. For some reason he did the same. Then we read and found out that its like gang fight except I get to place the captured ganger where I want. I place him near the middle a bit closer to where I started in the middle of a very long bridge out in the open. We then deployed. I deployed my 3 yeld in cover so I couldn't be shot at the first turn and he seemed to not care and nearly lined up his models in the open. My other 3 members were left behind for Tunnels.

He went first and ran his guys towards some terrain, in the direction of his captured ganger, but still seemed to forget that I had tunnels. During my turn I moved and was in range for 2 of my yeld to shoot at his gangers, merely pinning them. Using tunnels, my Orrus was placed on the enemy's side of the table in a great position to flank them from behind on my right side. The Jakara and Malcadon didn't have any good places to go so they tunneled into cover but would do nothing all game.

His pinned guys made their pinning tests and everyone kept moving. His leader shot a bolt gun at my yeld but only managed to pin him. 2 gangers ran to be able to get a clean shot off at the orrus next turn while another went back a bit but no one could shoot at him.

My orrus moved into position to shoot the lone ganger who went back while staying in cover from the rest of the gang. He shot the ganger out of action. The yeld on the right shot at a guy and pinned him while the yeld on the left shot at the leader again and still only pinned him. His leader of course got up and shot back at the yeld and took off 1 of his 2 wounds. The 2 remaining gangers after the orrus still couldn't see him if they moved so they flanked kept on thier course and would be able to shoot at him next turn. A ganger made it to the captured model and cut his bindings.

My yeld moved into great position this turn. Two got into position to shoot at the 2 gangers on the bridge while the third shot the leader and took him out of action. One yeld missed the armed guy on the bridge but the other managed to down the, now released captured ganger, and caused his armed friend to fail a leadership test. The Orrus came out from cover and shot at the 2 gangers trying to flank him. He downed one and the other failed his leadership test and ran.

On his turn only 2 members could shoot and he was very pissed off. He almost broke the measuring stick many times. But it was his own fault. He had not placed any terrain near his depolyment zone and was NEVER in cover. He still wanted his captured ganger, who had to make it off of the board to be rescued. That turn he was crawling around on the huge bridge wounded. Despite my superior positioning and his lack of firepower he chose to roll his bottle check and stayed in it. He was clearly pissed off and I could tell he was considering quitting the game. I told him he should stop but he wouldn't.

In his turn he didn't manage to hit anything with his 2 gangers. At the end of his turn another ganger rolled and went out of action.

On my turn I charged 2 gangers with my jakara and malcadon, taking them down. The yeld and orrus managed to down 2 more gangers that had just gotten up from being pinned. It was at this point that my opponent's anger snapped. He stormed out leaving his gang on the table and said "Don't bother asking me if I want to play this game again.", and drove off. I am sorry that I've lost an opponent and Necromunda player but I know that I did nothing wrong.

Most of my guys got to the cusp of leveling again. The one good thing was the last guy got his second wound. Now everyone has 2 wounds. The funny thing is that I have only 2 guys with skills after having an average of 100 experience each. I do however have 3 yeld with BS 6, one with hip shooting and sustained fire, and the other has marksman and a strength 4 shot. The Orrus has sustained fire, BS 4, and marksman.

Both the Jakara and Malkadon have OK stats but no skills, so they can still be taken down very easily in hand to hand combat. They are the ones I am still worried about. But they are 2-4 points from leveling. I'm hoping the malcadon will get another WS, attack, or parry. The Jakara could really use more WS. For the Orrus it would be nice if he got Fast Shot so he'd have 2 sustained die, and more BS would be good. The yeld are pretty good. I'd like them all to have Fast Shot with multiple attacks, Marksman, Hip shooting, and evade. But thats just wishful thinking.

Again I know that the player getting upset was not my doing. But I'm sorry to see him go.