Battle Report for Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
10/23/2008Gang FightWon
Grudge Match (Double XP) Gang Fight versus the Delaque

I started the game with my 3 yeld on the table and the other 3 members using my Tunnels territory. In the first turn I moved my Yeld in closer but kept them out of sight of the heavy on the 4th story building in his deployment zone. The same building was protected by a ganger on the second and third floor. I realized that the placement of this building meant that I could place my tunneled characters near the base of the building in cover from the rest of the gang, yes I was at least 8 inches away.

On his turn his guys in the building had to shoot at my Jakara and his heavy couldn't see them and shoot because he'd have to move to see them. The ganger on the third floor went to the second floor into base contact with his buddy. The 2 gangers shot at her and they he rolled a 1 to hit and the other hit was saved by her unmodified save. I let them tell me that she was pinned even though she was saved by an unmodified save, which is not true. The Orrus was placed to block fire from the other gangers outside the building took 3 shots and was merely pinned. The heavy at the top went into overwatch to shoot at the yeld that were coming down the center.

My yeld moved in cover to avoid the overwatching heavy stubber while the malcadon charged one of the gangers on the second floor and took him out of action. They said that since there was a friendly model in base contact that the guy went down instead of OOA although the rules state you have to be in the combat to save a friend. His friend made his leadership save and stayed put so the malcadon followed up into him. Both the Jakara and Orrus stood up at the end of my second turn because they had failed their pinning tests.

Durring his second turn he got off about 3 shots at my Orrus and took of one of his two wounds. Most of his gang had moved to save the building but they were too far away. In hand to hand my malcadon took down the other ganger.

On my third turn kept my yelds safe. They moved and shot up a few gangers without being in sight of the heavy stubber. The Jakara charged the down ganger while the malcadon charged the heavy on the fourth floor, taking him out.

Realizing he was in a really bad situation he chose to bottle out with 4 guys out of action.

2 of his guys recovered fully. One guy got fearful scars. And another was captured. This was a 90 experience ganger but the player was very frustrated about the game. In all honesy he had rolled a lot of 1's. He was attached to the ganger and thought he was worth rescuing. So immediately afterward we did a rescue scenario.

My malcadon and jakara got +3 movement! My best leadership yeld got +3 movement and an extra attack. The orrus gained sustained fire. Another yeld gained Marksman.