Battle Report for Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
After a few days of searching we found a very suitable hideout. It was at the center of a large tunnel network that leads to pretty much everywhere. After making sure the area was secure we rested for a night and began familiarizing ourselves with the layout of the tunnel network. We did this for a few days. But today we happened upon a gang that seemed to be securing an entrance to a held territory.

Plenarius, Obduratus, and I (Joulean) decided to flank around with our Yeld suits and approach our prey on the ground while the three others used the tunnel network to appear all around our foes. The gang seemed to be guarding a “Friendly Doc” settlement. The strange thing was that they were no where near the entrance to it. They were actually on sentry duty about 50 feet away from the entrance. Not that we cared about it. We were there for the kills only.

Both Machiavellian and Inexora snuck in close because the leader and a Juve were patrolling at ground level with hand to hand combat weapons. The other two pair members of the gang were standing atop of two platforms 2 stories high. These platforms were connected by a ten foot walkway. The leader and Juve were directly beneath the walkway. Each platform had a heavy on it and a ganger atop it. We had loaded the left side and Epherion in his Orrus battle suit was the only one on the right. He was in charge of taking out the heavy bolter by himself. In retrospect we didn’t need three Yeld suits to take out one heavy stubber.

As the gangers wandered around aimlessly around we all crept close to the targets. Machiavellian screwed up and lost his cool and fired his web spinners at the ganger on the left, and hit. Unfortunately he didn’t down the guy. I thought we were screwed. The Ganger wasn’t too bright because he just shook the webbing off his shoulder and looked around the rafters for the source. He must’ve thought he had just been harassed by a giant spider and kept pacing around. We all let out a cumulative sigh of relief.

“Machi what were you thinking? If you do that again I’ll kill you myself” said Epherion.
“You’d have to catch me first” said Machiavellian.
Plenarius interjected with “It wouldn’t just be Epherion after you Machi. Now get your damn head in the game!”

“Machiavellian follow me to that left pillar” came Inexora’s harsh voice as the two ran to the cover not fifteen feet away from the Juve on the ground. They were so close they could spit upon the poor soul.
“Lets take down this Juve quietly.” She dashed up with Machiavellian and soundlessly carved many deep carvings in him with her monomolecular sword.
“Nice Inexora. He won’t want to live with those wounds.” Said Machiavellian.
“SHHH, the leader is coming our way” said Inexora, “Go-go-go!”

The two assaulted the leader and caught him completely by surprise. Despite this he seemed more than up to the challenge. He fenced with his chainsword to a standstill with Inexora and managed to strike a blow on Machiavellian, who was saved by his thin armor. Unfortunately his still breathing allowed him to sound the alarm. The gang snapped to attention and unfortunately 2 more gangers entered in behind Plenarius within autogun range.

Fortunately we in the Yeld suits were all well hidden by our chameleonic fields and no one could see us. Inexora and Machiavellian continued the hand to hand combat with the leader as the gangers ran for cover but had nothing to shoot at. Inexora landed a blow on the leader but failed to wound. Then the leader struck Machi down with the chainsword. We were worried things were going to go really bad from then on.

It turned out to be fortunate that we had all the Yeld suits concentrated on one side. It took all three of us to take down the heavy stubber before he could get off any shots. The heavy fell through a nearby hole in the roof. Epherion came through with the great save. He was able to one-shot the heavy bolter off of the other platform, despite the heavy cover. Then, with all the heavy weapons gone from the field, things seemed manageable.

The gangers retaliated by firing autogun and shotgun shots at Plenarius, and managed to pin him on the three story walkway he had been hiding on. Epherion ducked some shots and it was time for us to finish this gang off as Inexora dispatched the leader. Plenarius jumped up and moved to better cover, then wounded the shotgunner that had pinned him while Inexora trotted over and dispatched the heavy bolter that had fallen from the right platform.

At this point the gang had half of its total numbers down or out and they decided to flee the battlefield, leaving a juve to our clutches. He had barely survived his combat with Inexora and had multiple serious wounds. We didn’t even bother thinking we could use the degenerate as bait. We knew he was left to die for being too weak.

Upon getting back to our home base we checked our battle suits to see if any enhancements had come on line as a result of the last fight. I had gained a wound and my ballistic skill had increased again! Plenarius had gained the ability to fire accurately while running. Oburatus had gained another wound as well. Inexora gained a wound and an initiative boost while Machiavellian’s armor became enhanced and he received an initiative bonus. Epherion’s defensive field was enhanced as well as a ballistic skill boost. And lastly Machiavellian received a wound but it will not inhibit his capabilities due to how his suit works.

Overall a very successful hunt, I can’t wait to get the next fight over with because I am looking forward to returning to the comfort of my house’s holdings.