Battle Report for Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
9/18/2008Gang FightWon
Vow Log: Day 1

Vow: To Fell 1 ganger for each starting member. 0/6

This is the log of my trial of right into the higher echelons of my great house. I do not specify which house I come from only because, should I perish, I do not want this journal being used against my house.

There are 6 members in my group. We have each chosen assumed names to further distance ourselves from our house. I have chosen the name Joulean and use the Yeld battlesuit. There are two other Yeld battlesuits in our group. Both Plenarius and Obduratus wear the Yeld suits as well. Epherion wears the Orrus suit, Inexora the Jakara suit, and Machiavellian in the Malcadon suit.

Today was our first day in the underhive. We took the secret grav-chute express down to the underhive, and what a wretched place it is. There are scant few lights, everything is run down and filthy.

Due to the amount of credits our Patriarch and Matriarch allowed us we were able to recruit an extra member, Obduratus. Unfortunately this meant that we had nothing left to spend on training prior to our descent to this place. Therefore we have decided to start out very cautiously. The three of us in the Yeld suits will harrass the enemy at range while the others move into assault positions. They won't take chances assaulting a held position without us swooping in to pin opponents beforehand.

Well, everyone has finally finished thier meals so it is time to head out and find a defendable place to call home.


Well, that was quick. We had searched for less than an hour when everyone's auspex started picking up a group approaching, to which Plenarius nodded at me with an evil grin. Had I not known him since childhood I might have believed him. Inexora started giggling quietly. "Keep your wits about you Inexora. This is no game." said Epherion.

The three of us in Yeld Suits spread out accross the improvised battlefield while Epherion and Machiavellian started on the left. Inexora started on the middle right to offset the others.

They were all women! I mean my parents told me there were female-only gangs, but I thought they were rare.

These Eshers, as Machiavellian told me, seemed timid. There were 7 of them in all but they all wanted to hold back and take up overwatch positions, not something that we were keen on breaking. Fortunately 2 gangers and a juvie started moving forward. The three of us in the Yeld suits quickly climbed up to the taller buildings to get better line of sight and mobility with our wings. Inexora, confident in her Jakara armor and shield moved up to the middle into cover while Machiavellian and Epherion moved up the left through buildings. Plenarius, Obduratus and I sat at maximum range and concentrated fire on a ganger skulking around for a shot at us, she was pinned but no one landed a solit hit.

The three women of the Esher house moved up again as the rest of thier timid gang stayed back. The pinned ganger got up and fired at me, but he chameleon field of my suit caused her to miss wide at such a long range. Again we shot at the ganger and again all we managed to do was pin her. Inexora made it behind a small tower and waited for us to clear a path for her. Epherion and Machiavellian moved up more and were sniped at by some gangers on the left. They hid behind some cover and asked for assistance, but they would have to wait a bit.

The juvie female had dashed out into the open so that she could shoot at Inexora. To our amazement neither her armor or invulnerable shield stopped the shot and Inexora went down! Us three yeld immediately opened up on the juve but only managed to pin her? We started to wonder if our guns were somehow not at full power? We knew we were hitting with most of our shots! To our relief Inexora stood up a second later, with a fleshwound to her thigh, and limped into much better cover.

The enemy's heavy stubber got into overwatch position to halt Inexora's charge should she dash for a close ganger. We split our fire and managed to wound the juvie out in the open, who slowly tried to crawl towards cover. Plenarius shot at the other ganger and missed, but at least this caused the woman to go further into the building to avoid fire.

Knowing that a wounded warrior could still be dangerous we decided to finish the juve off so that she couldn't help the nearby ganger Inexora wanted to charge. Still we couldn't seem to put the juve out of action. Plenarius swooped into the tower above Inexora for a better shot at the juve AND the ganger Inexora was telling us to pin.

Apparently Plenarius had stumbled into the sights of the enemy heavy stubber! He froze as the enemy brought the heavy weapon to bear on him and a hail of bullets hurtled towards him. Many shots glanced off his wings and the chameleon field was unable to compensate for the bullet holes and the field went down as Plenarius dove for cover. Thank the Emperor he didn't seem hit. By this point Inexora had stupidly let herself get worked into a frenzy and she charged the ganger accross the alleyway. Because of the fleshwound Inexora wasn't in the best shape for hand to hand combat and despite scoring a hit didn't wound. Obduratus and I pinned the ganger we seemed to be dueling with. That ganger had shot at us, but never hit.

Plenarius was told me he watched in horror as Inexora lost her balance due to the fleshwound and was skewered in the chest by the ganger's sword! All 3 of us turned and unloaded on the scum, downing her instantly! Forgetting his position Plenarius had stood back up right into the waiting sights of the heavy stubber! Another hail of bullets flew around him, but none hit, and you could hear the metallic fast paced "click-click-click-click-click." The stubber had run out of ammo!

We saw 3 of the enemy moving up our right side and Epherion told us the left side was ready and only had 2 gangers, a postoleer on the roof and an auto-gunner on the right side. Plenarius, now unafraid of the enemy heavy, swooped down drawing both of their fire as Epherion and Machiavellian dashed for the left side of the building. Obduratus and I Kept the heads down of the 3 women in the building on the right. Were were being fired at every once in a while but nothing seemed to come close enough for worry.

Epherion was caught out a bit when the top pistoleer leaned over the edge and put a shot into his left shoulder pauldron of the armor. No wound but he stumbled to the ground in his panic. Machiavellian used his web spinners to their fullest as he scaled the outside two stories of the building to charge the pistoleer. Machiavellian definately suprised the ganger as he carved into her side. Which caused her to stumble and fall through a hole in the roof and go out of action.

With 3 gangers down we heard the opposing gang leader call out "Get the wounded and fall back!" I continued to cover Inexora as the rest moved around to sweep the area. The only ones they left were the juve bleeding out in the open terrain, clearly too exposed to grab and retreat. I tied up the juve as the others looked over Inexora's wound. The armor had saved her life, but not much of her left ribcage was left. Her armor would heal itself, but Inexora wound be much more fragile from now on.

While we technically won the encounter, Inexora's wound leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths. We are down here alone. There won't be any replacements if anyone is killed. Epherion suggested that it might be best if we used the juve as bait. So we've put her in a makeshift brig in the same area and are waiting to see if they come back for her. Obduratus said that he saw the Esher leader in the far right building look at the juve, then the leader shook her head and ran off. I can't blame her. The juve is riddled with holes. Two chest wounds, a missing eye, and a couple other debilitating injuries. This juve would never be able to fight again anyways with her injuries. So we'll wait here for a few days to see if the gang gets thier courage back and comes looking for the juve, then kill the juve and move on to find a real territory after that.

Vow Log: Day 3

We killed the juve and mutilated the corpse. Then we put the body on a few makeshift pikes out in the middle of the walkway. Our patriarch said this will help to inspire fear into future gangs we meet. Machiavellian seemed to enjoy the duty.

Well we are off again to find a defensible territory.