Battle Report for Captain Harwoods Boys
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
6/17/2008Outlaws - 4: CaravanWon
8th Game vs a Scavvy gang, fresh in the hive and trying to establish itself. Both gangs set up in two distinct groups, with the boys Heavy stubber, two lasgun gangers and a juve on one side, with raised, defensible coved with average vantage - only the nearby 1/4 table. The rest including both melee experts and the flamer hunkered down on the other flank at ground level, with 1x lasgun, with the intention of waiting for the opponent to come to them (and that table edge.)
Most of the boys hid, then went on overwatch, and a couple of gangers supplemented the heavy stubber after arriving from tunnels, with the existing crew going on overwatch. The scavvies zombies ambled/surged forwards, falling just short of "Runalong" will, who was in a prime location to try to sucker any opponents trying to charge him into the overwatched firing squad's vision. One pair of scavvies ran forwards, and a lucky shot from Little Mike's's autopistol, only just within range put him down, with his companion breaking and running back. "Runalong" Will then charged into some close Zombat action, and over the next few turns hacked down zombies one after the other. The hidden and now overwatched left flank continued to hold fire until a group of 3 scavvies, including the leader made a dash to cover within charge range, wheras a fullisade of fire only pinned one opponent. By now the right flank was trading fire with more gangers and a scaly, who took six rounds of Heavy stubber and was only pinned. After some more furious firepower exchanges, seeing both of the heavy's companions hitting the deck - albeit uninjured things started to look critical, until "Runalong" Will, having finished off his zombie opponents turned and shot up at a exposed scaly, putting him down, and the heavy stubber finally put paid to both of the scaly's wounds. The left flank finally exposed their flamer, toasting the scavvies leader and a ganger, and the scavvies susequently bottled it.
After ingome from the guilders and all six territories being worked - with some good rolls coming in - a jaw dropping 100 credits were gained, and flattered by a captured mutant ganger - Their leader declining to pay the ransome was sold off to the guilders for a grin inducing 55 credits (Sell off the ones with extra mutations - You get alot more!)
On offer was a Auto-repairer, for a very reasonable 89 credits, and enough money to also buy a Heavy Bolter.
Experience and new skills abounded, With the star of the show being the BS4 heavy getting an absolutely Ideal Bulging biceps - there is nothing else I'd rather have got. Two juves advanced to gangers, With "runalong" Will being renamed "Zombat Master", and a addition of another Medic and Fixer made an already outstanding Excursion even better, complimented by Extra attacks, an additional WS, T and Counter-Charge.
Decesions, decisions - To Auto Repairer or Not to Auto - Repairer, considering the amount of Aurmourers and Weaponsmiths, and the exess of gangers to hunt for more interesting items in the next excursion.... / The importance of saving (with another specialist a Plasma gun could be bought for that, with change...