Battle Report for Captain Harwoods Boys
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
6/10/2008Gang FightWon
7th Game, Gang fight against The Surculus Stalkers. The gang split up, with Chopper Jack, Little Mike and Pte earle with the flamer appearing behind their lasgun line, The remaining Melee combatents moving slowly forward through cover and Hodges with the stubber, and three lasguns setting up a firing line / Cover for any retreat and sudden charges at the back. The opponents Leader with sprint and jump was unsettlingly quick, but the two melee teams hunkered down out of LOS on overwatch after exchanging a barrage of woefully inaccurate pistol shots. At the rear his gun line split, with the heavy and a juve "Meatsheild" making off towards his melee group, who were being sniped at by a lasgun without the range to return fire (Poor shooting and his good cover led to no wounds though)
And the other members of his gunline moved close and took up cover, with one melee equipped ganger fumbling the charge on Earle (with the flamer), who promptly stepped up and incinerated his two companions. Meanwhile Private "Ug" felt compelled to step around the corner and was promptly gunned down, However this was redeemed when their stubber and juve reinforcement ran across open ground in plain sight of Hodges' Heavy stubber, who gunned them both down, and with 2x 6's on the results removed them from the fight. At this point the Stalkers volentarily bottled it, With their heavy losing an eye, and a ganger being captured. Cpt Harwood decided that although in the underhive civility was a grace he could afford to give in these circumstances, and ransomed the ganger back for 18 credits, returning the included autogun and declining taking a territory, as only three remained in his opponents posession.
Vark, the tenative Ratskin guide found something much better to do and never returned to the den, And some strange fungus wrapped up properly resulted in scare gas grenades being invented. A juve is asking to be accepted in the gang's colours, and the market place offered two reloads (Darnation - that's where 4 x 6's went!)
The captain wisely decided not to buy a heavy stubber for heavy number 2, as with the skill long shot A heavy bolter will be much more usefull in the long run - Unless things go drastically bad, 34 credits with exess equipment sales should raise the funds, However a Scalie gang are encroaching on our territory, and unknown opponents are dangerous opponents...