Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
4/11/2008Outlaws - 2: Loot & PillageLost
Overwhelmed by the more numerous, experienced, and better equipped CosPlay Maidens, this was an uneven fight from the start. Coming on piecemeal made it worse, and by the end of turn six the Hellbitches withdrew to lick their wounds. Wildsnake Bliss had died, a power sword cutting her open as she ran, and despite moments of individual heroism - Black Tanya holding off two Maidens for four turns of combat, or Alice taking on an Ogryn and four Maidens - there were precious few bright spots.

A new Juve arrived from Barrackville, and Darque hopes that the new crop of Juves will prove themselves as worthy as Nikki and Wildsnake...