Battle Report for The Zen Yahoos
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
Versus: The Sump Suckers

The Yahoos were pleased with their captive, and went to celebrate at the Den of Zen. Ansalong and Malenko stayed behind to watch the captive, but were distracted by their burgeoning romance, and failed to notice the vengeful Sump Suckers sneaking up on them until it was too late. Both fighters were taken out in a hail of fire, but not before Ansalong rose the alarm. TheYahoos dashed back to base. Lucky led a counter attack, but found his path blocked by a huge scaly clutching twin swords. Zero was frozen with fear, leaving Lucky and Smike to fight the beast. There ensued an epic combat in which all three suffered wounds. Seeing her boss otherwise occupied, Sladen directed the arriving gangers in their attack, leading by example by defeating a scavvy in close combat and another at range. As the Yahoos arrived in force, their firepower was devastating, wiping out the scavvies in the centre, but Sladen was blasted from a walkway by that damn speargun, injuring her arm in the process. The speargun scaly was eventually taken down, as was his compatriot with the swords, but only after a fierce battle. They had done their work, though, buying time for a single scavvy to cut his boss loose. The boss and his saviour ran pell mell for the exit to the dome, where they could lose themselves in the maze of tunnels beyond. The remaining scavvies ran interference, the flying mutant grappling with Hef and a lurking sniper taking out Middenmouth with an astonishing long-range burst of autogun fire. That left Lucky, Hexley and Rudo Loco to stop the fleeing boss. A shotgun blast from Hexley took out the scavvy underling and a bolt from Lucky clipped the boss's shoulder, but he was able to stagger to his feet and vanish into the gloom.