Battle Report for The Zen Yahoos
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/12/2008Gang FightWon
Versus: The Sump Suckers
Scenario: Attacking a Freaking Train

TheYahoos had heard of a band of scavvies that lived on the great trains that thunder through the Underhive. Craving an audience wih their leader, rumoured to have psychic powers, they sought to board the train. Finding a spot where an overhang came close to the ancient tracks, they launched a daring raid. With the rest of the gang providing fire support, Lucky, Hexley, Smike and Zero attempted to jump onto the moving train as it passed. Zero and Smike plummeted from the train, but the boss and the veteran made it, and started to inch their way towards the scavvy king. A hail of fire from the Yahoos on the overhang covered their backs, and, fighting fiercely, they hacked their way through the scavvies that scrabbled to meet them. Back at the overhang, a winged scavvy swooped on the firebase, disrupting their covering fire, whilst auto gun fire rattled around them. They gradually overwhelmed the close combat mutant, but the real battle was about to occur at the far end of the train. A hulking scaly emerged and charged Lucky and Hexley. It weathered their fire and blasted Hexley off the train with a spear gun. It then charged Lucky, who brought the beast down with a desperate barrage of bolt fire. That just left the boss. The two leaders circled each other atop the moving train, eventually clashing sword to sword. Ducking a wild swing, the Orlock knocked the scavvy unconscious, then grabbed him and jumped from the train, his grav chute bearing them safely to the ground.