Battle Report for The Zen Yahoos
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/12/2008Gang FightWon
Versus: Lots of Spiders!
Scenario: Get the Shaman

TheYahoos went after a fabled shaman in their cotinued quest to restore their boss's luck. The shaman turned out to be protected by a host of giant spiders! Ansalong, Middenmouth, Sladen and Rudo Loco took out a swarm of spiders with a withering hail of firepower (Ansalong running out of ammo in the process), but Malenko and Hexley were attacked by a colossal spider that took them both out of action. It then scrabbled creepily towards the firebase, but a very last minute shot by MM finally finished off the huge beast. Elsewhere, the rest of the gang cornered the shaman, but he had a trick or two up his sleeve. First, he used his psychic powers to cause Smike's old battle wound to flare up, taking the grizzled ganger out of action. That done, the old man crawled like a spider up a sheer surface and into an old tunnel. The gangers followed, but were webbed by hidden spiders. Lucky struggled free, and cut down the shaman, before freeing the others. However, it was too late for Harkle. Venom cursing though his veins, the young ganger was dead. In fury, Lucky killed the shaman.