Battle Report for The Zen Yahoos
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
6/16/2007Gang FightWon
Versus: The Most Holy Crusade of the Emperor's Black Heart and Some Other Stuff

Menaced by Redemptionists, who quite rightly had them down as sinners of the worst order, The Yahoos were drawn into conflict in an abandoned hab dome. The crazed cultists, without their Priest leader, who was 'uphive on business,' attempted a pincer movement to attack the tightly packed Yahoos from both sides. Hexley lead a break out on the left flank, but was pinned down by flamer fire. On the right, Barrington II, a fearsome war dog, was chewing his way through the gang with impunity. The savage hound was poised to sink his fangs into Ansalong, when Malenko, showing uncharacteristic bravery, intervened and, unexpectedly, clubbed the dog to death with the butt of his shotgun. In the centre, Lucky, Smike, Hef and Harkle met the bulk of the Crusade in fierce hand to hand combat on top of a building. A melta gun-armed Deacon was poised to vaporise the gangers, but Lucky gutted him with a swipe of his sword, killing him outright. That was enough for the Redemptionists, who retreated.