Battle Report for The Zen Yahoos
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
Versus: The Bedlam Town Watch

Lucky couldn't believe that his old adversary Jimi Bone had 'gone legit' and joined the watch! Concerned that the watch were poking around in their affairs a little too closely, the Yahoos decided to see them off. Gaining good ambush positions, the Yahoos looked set to polish off the watch nice and early, but they reckoned without the heroics of watch leader Sergeant Sledge. The Sarge's armour and natural toughness allowed him to weather the initial storm, and he lead a counter attack, taking out three Yahoos in close combat with his trusty power maul. Juve Lucky Montoya was caught bang to rights by Ansalong's heavy stubber, but the big gun mysteriously jammed before the heavy could administer a point-blank range salvo. Lucky managed to gun down Bone, but exhausted ALL of his ammo in the process. Knowing a lost cause when he saw one, he called a retreat.