Battle Report for Bedlam Boys
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
3/19/2008CA - 1: Rescue MissionDraw
Gomi was half asleep when the screamers went off. A piercing squeal echoed through the dome, letting the Bedlam Boys know that the Hellbitches had finally come to recue Black Tanya.

Shotgun in hand, Gomi scrambled to check that the captive was secure. Down below on the domefloor, Titus, Kendo and Zeb were guarding the camp; the rest of the gang were off foraging but would certainly have heard the alarm.

Gomi ducked behind a pillar and scanned the dim domespace. The Hellbitches were out there and the Bedlam Boys took up concealed positions, ready for the onslaught.

Several minutes passed. It was hard to tell if the clanks and rattles of the dome were simply antiquated hive machinery or telltale signs of enemies advancing.

Then, there was a flurry of gunfire. Titus had opened fire at the Eschers darting nimbly from rubble pile to rubble pile; his shots went wide, and he took a hit in return, collapsing with a gasp.

Kendo called to Zeb, ‘They’re swarming in all over! The frag is the rest of our boys?’

Zeb was trying to pick off a Hellbitch lurking in the nearby ruins. Too late, he noticed three of them advancing on his left. Distracted, he was unprepared as a plasma blast tore his lungs out of his chest. Zebedee Vandrell fell without so much as a scream.

Gomi was coming under fire up in the tower, but still on his feet despite multiple bleeding wounds. Down below, Kendo was starting to panic: the notorious Alice Darque was advancing towards the central tower, flanked by two of her cronies. He found respite as a salvo of lasfire tore through the thick air from behind him as the Bedlammer reinforcements arrived: Jimi Bone and Mac were occupying the Hellbitches who had fatally distracted Zeb while Ghoulface took a long-range shot at Darque. He pinned her, slowing the Escher advance.

The dome erupted with more las, plasma and auto fire. Kendo’s heart leapt as The Shit came charging to his aid, only to be felled by Escher gunfire, and there was no avoiding the charge of Darque. Kendo could hear Lucky from somewhere behind him, urging him to step up for the gang. He readied his autopistol and club and met Darque’s charge, roaring ‘Up the Orlock!’

On the other side of the tower, Jimi and Mac had picked off a couple of Hellbitches but were unable to prevent a group of three from swarming into the tower,

Sprinting across the dome, Lucky cursed. She could just about make out Gomi going down under a flurry of blows: Tanya was as good as back in the Hellbitches hands. Alright, then, this would be for honour.

Lucky hurled herself forward, screaming, just as Darque took Kendo Herty down. For a second, it looked as if Darque might manange a counter-charge, but shots from Ghoulface way back rattled her. Lucky was upon her, and battle was joined.

‘You owe me fingers, sumpslag,’ hissed Lucky as their swords locked.

‘Funny,’ said Darque, ‘I was hoping to add to my set of yours.’

Darque’s chainsword ground against the energy field of Lucky’s powersword, then they broke away and circled each other. Darque lunged, hacking wildly, but Lucky dodged the blade with ease.

‘Lost your killer touch, slag?’ smirked Lucky, enjoying her rival’s frustration.

Then, the last thing Lucky expected. A cry came from the tower: ‘Tanya’s loose!’ Darque turned and ran, and Lucky could swear there was fear in the Escher’s eyes as she made to flee with her gang.

Lucky started after her. ‘Ha! Not so brassy when there’s no-one keeping score, are ya, Darque! By the spire, you may have more fingers’n me, ya yellow bitch, but I got you beat on balls!’

Jubilant, Lucky almost didn’t care that Tanya had been liberated. She ordered the Bedlam Boys to scatter and meet at their main camp in the Old Slaughterhouse, but things took a turn for the worse: of the eleven gangers who walked away from the battlefield, only nine made it back to their camp. After some confusion, a scrawny young juve girl came running with a message from Darque:

‘We got yore Shit and yore Gun Guy. Will parlay for Tanya’s equip and cash, or sell the scrags to tha slavers. Your move 2-Fingrs’

Lucky scowled. Titus and Kaspar were valuable gang members, and these rescue missions were critically distracting the Bedlammers from their goal of making their fortune in the Charred Cross. Their alliance with the Cosplays had worked out well; maybe it was time to parlay with the Hellbitches….