Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
With four men defending and seven Hellbitches attacking – Darque, Sister Silent, Ms Easy, Wildsnake Bliss, Poli Stirene, Nikki Divine and Bette Page (both of whose Old Battle Wounds didn’t play up), it appeared at first to be a fairly straightforwards frontal assault. Black Tanya was on the second story of a tower in the centre of the board, with her plasma gun and laspistol on the third. The Bedlammers had three Gangers on the bottom of the tower and a fourth with Tanya.

I moved forwards stealthily, splitting the force in three – Silent and Page moved forwards and hid, forming a firebase; Darque and Ms Easy moved to the left and hid; and the remaining three moved right and hid. And then someone stood on a screamer…

So, with the alarm raised, the reinforcements arrived. Jimi Bone, Kaspar ‘The Shit’ Courraine and Uriah Macbacta – a deadly trio! Another two turns of stealthy movement forwards came to a deadly end when the Bedlammers opened up from Overwatch, their shots going wide and leaving them exposed. In return, Sister Silent put a glowing ball of plasma into Zeb Vandrell, knocking him Down with a scream.

To the right, Poli, Wildsnake and Nikki moved across to get in a position from which they could see the Bedlammers guarding the tower, and where they were in cover from Bone and Mac. Bone, unable to see anything other than Darque’s hair, fired a hotshot bolt that singed her hair and pinned her.

Suddenly spotting The Shit, Bette opened fire with her lasrifle, pinning him. Darque’s shot went wild, as did Ms Easy’s. In reply, Ghoulface – who had just come on with Twofingers Montoya and Betti le Beau – sent Ms Easy Down with a 32” shot from his lasrifle! Unfortunately for the Bedlammers, it was all about to get nasty. Nikki and Poli charged Titus, taking him Out Of Action, Kaspar ‘The Shit’ Courraine was shot again by Bette, this time putting him Down, and Darque charged Kendo, engaging him in a fierce hand-to-hand brawl, chainsword against knife.

In return, Jimi Bone took a potshot at Sister Silent, but missed. Darque smashed Kendo to the floor as Mac put Nikki Down with a shot from his lasgun. Poli, undaunted, sprinted up the tower and contemptuously put Tanya’s guard Out Of Action before freeing her.

Down below, with five Bedlammers Out Of Action, and the Hellbitches refusing to bottle, things looked bad for Twofingers. Ghoulface pinned Darque with a lasgun blast after she took the moaning Kaspar Out Of Action, and Twofingers, seeing her chance, ran forwards – just missing combat by an inch! Jimi finally drew a bead on Silent, putting her Down. Then, the point of action: Darque, having failed to get up at the beginning of her turn, was charged by Twofingers – who promptly fumbled two attacks and then Dodged the one wound that Darque put on her. Seeing her chance, and knowing Tanya was safe, Darque threw rockcrete dust in her adversaries’ face, hissing “Next time, sex traitor” before calling the Hellbitches off their defeated enemy.

After the battle, we discovered that Ms Easy had made a Full Recovery – but that the Bedlammers had fared much worse. Zebedee was dead, the plasma bolt too much for him. The best part? Kaspar ‘The Shit’ Courraine was captured along with Titus! Experience wise, with the +6 bonus for ‘losing’ the Rescue (as I bottled rather than making it off the board), everyone involved apart from Darque gained an advance or two. Sister Silent got WS4; Poli Stirene gained Feint; Wildsnake the ever-useful Dodge; Ms Easy also got Feint; Nikki got Catfall; Bette gained BS5 and I4; and Black Tanya got Sneak Up.

With Tanya back (albeit missing her weapons) and a cool 55 creds in the stash (after claiming the 85 cred bounty for the dead Zebedee and working my more lucrative territories), there was only one thing for it. Spend it! I re-hired One-Shot, bought Darque an autopistol, and got Tanya an autogun as a temporary replacement for her missing equipment.

Now, what to do with those Bedlam Boys, that is the question.