Battle Report for Corax's Blackwings
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
3/9/2008Gang FightWon
5 games already played in 6 hours! As a result, I can’t remember what happened exactly in every game, so next time I might take my laptop.
First game was a sort of introductory 3-way gang fight between my Orlocks, some Van Saars and another band of Orlocks. The Van Saars and the other Orlocks spent most of the game shooting each other to bits, while I cowardly moved forward in what cover there was (I was being cautious as I’d played a practice game against Scavvies and lost badly). In the end, my gang bottled, and so did the Van Saars, even though they had been the best throughout the game, so the other Orlocks won by default. I say won…they just survived because they refused to leg it. And to add insult to injury, the last shot of the game from the Orlocks was a heavy stubber shot to Ox’s face, and he died :-(, that annoyed me.
The second game was a disaster. I’d rolled Tunnels on my territories, and so had the Van Saars, so we both had our combat gangers pop up in cover, and then I made the stupid mistake of letting myself be overwatched by a plasma gunner. One very dead gang. I decided that because I’d lost my Heavy and I was doing so terribly I was going to restart my gang. I switched out the Heavy Bolter for a Heavy Stubber because the Bolter was too unreliable, and then hired a new ganger from the leftovers – Nelson, who stepped up with two knives.
So, a new gang, a new beginning! It started to get good now. As I had a low rating, I got to pick the scenario, so I chose Ambush! I was against the gang who had killed Ox’s previous incarnation, so I wanted some revenge. He put his worst two gangers in the middle and held the rest in reserve, and I put Worm, Vorden, Sultor and Ox together, and the three Juves, Braukis, Laurwicz and Little John together, and everyone else in one group. I can’t remember the specifics but I very quickly managed to make every single one of his gang go Out of Action! Take *that*! I got a big fat lump of experience for that.
Then I played against the offending Scavvies, who had a HUGE gang of about 19 models. This was cut off short, but after three turns, the Juves had managed some wounds on the Zombies (they’re useful for levelling up, as you can keep on getting wounds on them, but they’ll get back up) and I’d taken a few wounds myself, but nothing too dire, but only because his Scavvies couldn’t shoot fo’ shizzle. We stopped after 4 turns because we had to pack up, but once we’d done that, we were told we had another 2 hours! Much grumbling ensued, apart from me. I was glad because I was about to get pounded.
I then played a final Ambush against some offending Mexicans…I mean Goliaths… He used Mexican Wild West characters as Goliaths…I didn’t really mind! This was a repeat of the first ambush – Pyro even managed to get his flamer off, which promptly ran out of fuel. The Juves did some good work, but the 4-man sniper team of Vorden/Ox/Worm/Sultor did a good job of taking out an offending Heavy Bolter…thing, but not before it managed to knock down Sultor and Vorden, but they were fine.
After the games (the first two didn’t count), I wasn’t doing too badly considering I had a two game deficit. Corax had acquired a Power Axe and some Carapace Armour and got Crackshot and +1BS. He gave his Chainsword to Pyro, who had had three fingers shot off his left hand, so had –1WS. Ox inherited Corax’s Flak, which he had previously bought, and managed to get Bulging Biceps on a lucky roll!
Tannis gained a wound and an extra point of BS, and got Gunfighter! So he can now use both his Autopistols to lethal effect. Vorden became super-speedy and got Sprint, and Rapid Fire, not the best of combinations, but still, shooting twice with his Autogun at BS4 is good! Nelson rose through the ranks very quickly and got extra Initiative and BS, making him good all-round, and I traded off his Autopistol for a Lasgun (mainly because that’s the model I have :-P), but also BS4 with a Lasgun is good. He also got combat master, so he’s obviously quick with his knives.
Dave, who was hilarious through most of the games, managed to kill several people to death in a few games, but also got set on fire, and lost an eye, so became worse at shooting, but who cares when he got +2WS! All those football riots obviously paid off, so now he’s WS5 with a flail and a knife! Sultor and Worm performed less well. Sultor got an extra point of Initiative but is 1XP away from an advance, and Worm just sucked like the slimy git he is. In 3 games he didn’t get any wounding hits and only got 10XP for surviving in total, so he hasn’t advanced, but after being Heavy Stubber’d by…er…someone, he got horrible scars, so now he’s a scary-looking slimy git.
Little John did fantastically, and became a Ganger over the three games – he gained +1WS, BS, T and Ld. Braukis got an extra attack, +1S and Step-Aside! He’ll get a dandy CCW sometime…shame he’s still got a crap WS2. Finally Laurwicz got Counter-Attack…which is pointless until he gets a sword, but he also got an extra point of WS so it’s not all bad.
All in all…a terrible start, but the last three games made up for it! More on Thursday.