Battle Report for Bedlam Boys
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
3/2/2008Toll BridgeWon
The freshly-outlawed Bedlam Boys continued their alliance with local top dogs, the Cosplay Maidens, in order to cross the sludge River Shame and finally set foot in the Charred Cross sector proper. Kaspar and Gomi took to the oars of arickety boat found at the riverside and rowed half the gang across, while Mac led the remaining gangers, including Zeb once again escorting captive Hellbitch Black Tanya, across a somewhat tempremental swing bridge. Several sump spiders wre lurking in the river, but were swiftly wiped out by the two gangs, although Lucky and Kendo both lost wounds to the arachnids. The gang ceasefire held, and after the game, the spider corpses were divided up to be traded in for precious loot. The Bedlammers scored big: their spider-haul came to over two-thirds of their guild price!