Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
3/4/2008Toll BridgeLost
Following the joint destruction of the Enforcer outpost, rumours had been spreading that Darque and Stefan were engaged in something of an unsavoury relationship. Unable to let this vile and unfounded slur slide (everyone knows Stefan was enjoying the Gimp), Darque, together with her closest gangers, concocted a plan…

At first sight a straightforward game, with the Hellbitches endeavouring to convince the Redeemers that they were in no danger and that both gangs should continue their truce, things kicked off in a spectacular fashion after the swing bridge had swung away from the two bridge towers – stranding four Hellbitches (including Darque) and four Redeemers (including one of their heavies) in mid-air above the river. With the Gimp on one tower, the close combat element ready on the bridge, and Bette and Sister Silent on the other tower, the trap was sprung.

Prematurely, as it turned out. Stefan had – un-noticed by the Hellbitches – reached the tower on the same level as Bette and Silent, while the Redeemer’s heavy plasma gunner was still in sight of the bridge. Seeking safety in combat, Darque and Divine piled into the Redeemers, sending a ganger and the heavy screaming into the Shames far below before following up into a third ganger. Following close behind came Jessi Sioux and Marya Plastik. Downriver, Ms Easy, Darling, Wildsnake Bliss and Poli Stirene had finished collecting the sump spiders that had been shot up earlier, and were fast approaching the opposite bank.

Unfortunately for the Hellbitches, it all came rapidly unstuck. As Stefan charged into Bette and Silent, the heavy plasma gun belched a glowing ball of fusing atoms towards the skirmish on the bridge. As one, all bar the half-blind Divine leapt from the bridge towards the relative safety of the Shames, and Marya, Jessi, the Van Saar and Darque were swept downriver and away from the fight.

Nikki, dumbfounded at the sudden disappearance of her comrades, looked up to see Stefan slash the flat of his sword across Silent’s head, and she fell backwards, tumbling without a sound towards the ground below. Bette was already a crumpled heap on the floor, her club having proved no match for Stefan’s power sword.

With the spider eyes in the bag, and the ambush gone wrong, the rest of the gang began to run. The Gimp was shot down by a Van Saar gunslinger and then smashed Out of Action by a charging ganger, while Nikki – pinned by a shotgun blast that narrowly missed her – was kicked off the bridge by Stefan after a valiant struggle which saw her knock the power sword from his hand and sidestep two fierce blows.

The rest, as they say, was history. An attempt to Overwatch led to nought as the heavy plasma gun missed Poli Stirene as she ran for it, and all that was left was to count the cost of the failed ambush.

Six of the gang – including the heavy and Darque herself! – were Out of Action, and I made the injury rolls with some trepidation. Thankfully, no-one was seriously hurt, but both Divine and Bette Page picked up Old Battle Wounds. Stefan, meanwhile, discovered that Darque’s chainsword had given his heavy stubber Horrible Scars – and that Joost, the juve who leapt for his life with the rest of the Hellbitches into the Shames, had been captured! Obviously Darque had grabbed him as she jumped…

With +5 experience for being the underdog, there were a good few advance rolls to be made. Darque gained BS5, presumably as a result of her plasma pistol shot that killed a sump spider; Sister Silent’s Arm Wound healed at last as she once again reached S3; Poli Stirene gained Quick Draw; Gimp improved his shooting to ensure that in future he could make a difference; and Darling gained a point of leadership for staying calm as the Hellbitches were torn apart.

My Settlement failed to produce any free Juves, but Sister Silent and Wildsnake Bliss together came up with the goods – producing a classic vintage of Wildsnake (promptly sold to a passing trader)! Bette, still hurting from her encounter with Stefan, failed to invent anything and Jessi was too busy working the Settlement to create any drugs. All three gangers who made it off the board were sent back to work the Slag, Settlement, and Water Still – and all three came back without event, and with them was Truly Darque, Alice’s little sister! She was given Bette’s stub gun and club, as Bette had proved herself somewhat incompetant with anything other than a lasrifle. At the end of it all, I had 105 creds in the stash, and, despite taking a beating, hadn’t lost a single member (indeed, gaining one!), with a new rating of 2,171. All that remains now is to Rescue Black Tanya and sell Joost to the slavers. Once the Gimp’s finished having some fun with him, of course…