Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
3/4/2008Toll BridgeWon
Stefan was strolling outside in the dark his face only illuminated by the glow of the big cigar he was smoking. His body suit was zipped half open, and his hair was loose and hanging uncontrolled on his shoulders. He was not in his own camp. He was unperturbed however, as he knew Jaap had been keeping watch over him in case he needed help. The infra red sight allowed his colleague to se that all the other bodies in the camp were lying blissfully still. Since they had breached the wall with the Hellbitches, Alice Darque had been willing to parlay with Stefan, and their discussions had taken an interesting turn. They could be described as being fruitful to some extent, although a long term alliance did not seem likely. Being cut off from civilization for a while always exposed people's weaknesses, which Stefan had learnt in the Imperial Guard Academy. He was taking full adavantage of that right now. Her behaviour was awkward however, and he was unsure of her true intentions. He had stuck to the deal, despite the Spion Redeemers having a prime opportunity to take out the Escher during the assault on the Enforcers. He was suspicious about her 'little surprise' as she had called, but there were certain luxuries in the Underhive you could not turn down when they presented themselves. However tomorrow it was over as the rafts were ready, and tomorrow they would finally cross the bridge.

"Stefan" a female voice whispered "come back to the tent. I want..." she hesitated "The last round was amaaazing...."

"Just a sec Alice" Stefan stamped out his cigar and strolled back toward the tent. He checked that Enrager was still well holstered around his ankle, in case it was needed. He remembered his father's warning: 'Always carry protection when dealing with an Escher"...


Jaap watched Stefan's infra red form crawl back into the the Escher leader's tent. The second figure immediately embraced him, and he readied his weapon. This was the fourth time, he had to make this judgement. Was Alice attacking Stefan or was it just another round? She seemed insatiable, but Dirk had told Jaap about Stefan's way with women. Jaap made a mental note to speak to his friend further about his mastery of close combat. The body heat of both forms increased, and the two forms merged into one large red blob. Jaap relaxed his grip on the Heavy Plasma Gun. Stefan had been explicit with his orders, and to shoot indiscriminately if there was no other way. Gang Rule no. 6:9. If you go down, take your opponent down too

The next morning Stefan had woken up early and gotten dressed quietly.

"mmm don't go....." Alice moaned and rolled over

"It's time to cross the bridge" Stefan dryly replied "I'm going to get my men ready"

"Come on Stefan there's time for another..."

Alice didn't manage to finish her sentence, as Stefan had already left.

"You fuggin' rat spawn get back here! I'm tellin' you!!" Alice yelled " AAARRGH!"

Stefan heard the screaming and kept walking, it had been a good time to leave. He'd never been one to stick around very long.

"Just stick to the plan Alice" He mumbled to himself

The Escher and the Van Saar were seperated by the strange bridge that spanned Sludge River. They had each built a raft that would cross the spider infested sewage, and they had done so at a comfortable distance. The large critters were not very dangerous, but Stefan recognised their significant trade value. They had all received orders to harvest as many spider corpses as possible. The gang quickly shot down four of the critters, but Dirk unfortunately had serious trouble with his heavy stubber, with each of his shots causing heavy mechanical noise before the weapon packed in. With Dirk cursing, Thijs and Guus jumped on the raft grabbing the oars while Robrecht and Edwin also jumped on board with them. The four of them rowed quickly across picking up the dead spiders on their way. Robrecht and Edwin disembarked and Thijs and Guus made their way back again to the opposite bank were the remaining gang members were waiting for the raft to return.

The Escher had been slow with their paddling and the first raft had still not made it across. The remaining gang members had made their way to the bridge. Stefan had hesitated at first, but realised the river crossing would take very long if they didn't use the bridge. As the raft returned he sent Jaap and Maxmiliaan onboard, while ordering Joost, Dirk, Martijn and Koos toward the bridge. He followed tentatively behind assessing the Escher's intentions.

Five of the Escher ran across the bridge including Alice, followed by the four Van Saar gangers. They were all awfully close to each other, Stefan thought. Suddenly the bridge started to rumble. The Gimp looking individual jumped off the bridge just as it started to turn leaving the eight gangers stranded on the bridge. Stefan looked at his the men's sensitive situation with the Escher and suddenly had eye contact with an angry looking Alice! Before he could react the Escher leader had called a charge on his men. Betrayal! One Escher chopped down Joost, kicking him into the sewage, while Alice and another Escher sliced Dirk up with their swords, his old friend falling off the bridge to join Joost. They advanced further locking Martijn into close combat.

Martijn was a great shot, but he was nowhere near the same league to these two Escher in the close combat department. Stefan knew this and immediately signalled acknowledgement to Jaap and Maxmiliaan who had reached the opposite bank. Maxmiliaan picked off one Escher with his lasgun, the Hellbitch stumbling off the side of the bridge. Jaap blasted his heavy plasma gun at the crowd on the bridge aiming at the Escher who had just thrown Joost in the river. The plasma ball slammed into her, as well as Alice and Martijn, all three flying off the bridge and into the rotten smelling sewage. The remaining Escher on the bridge hit the deck as Koos pumped a shotgun shell at her. Two more Escher climbed onto the ledge Stefan was stood on, oblivious to the carnage on the bridge. He charged them down before they were able to react, and with one fluent motion of his two swords the angry Van Saar leader quickly dispatched them both in his fury over the betrayal.

On the opposite side of the river the Gimp tried to make his escape but Robrecht chased him down laying two shots into him with his boltpistols. Edwin ran on past him and kicked the odd looking character in the head until he lay still. As the remaining Escher on the bridge got up she was met by a charging Stefan. In his absolute fury, Stefan lost control of his power sword dropping it and his first two swipes at the Escher were neatly dodged. The third swipe was horizontal however and the Escher took the chainsword to the arm, the force throwing her off the bridge as well.

The remaining four Escher on the river hit the bank and rushed out, having witnessed the carange from a distance. Only Jaap was able to get a quick shot at them, however they were too far away and his shot went well wide. Stefan and Koos found the injured bodies of Dirk and Martijn on the river bank. Martijn had picked up a nice tan from the encounter but was otherwise in good spirit. He was no doubt able to see the lighter side of what had happened, and his lucky escape from the blades of the Escher. However his grin was wiped off quickly when he saw the horrible scars his friend Dirk had suffered. Stefan's old friend's face was unrecognisable, the sword cuts had left deep gashes across his cheeks and nose! However they were quickly distracted as Koos was making a racket

"Bwaaah!!!.Joost!!! " Koos yelled out and made a series of loud piercing whistles. Koos was the only person able to properly communicate with Joost, as the boy was only able to produce whistling sounds from his larynx. Much further down the river the four Spion Redeemers spotted Alice Darque covered in brown and green sewage. Her other filth covered gang members were helping her out and in her left hand she pulled Joost onto the bank as well. The Hellbitches had caught Joosy!