Battle Report for Bedlam Boys
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/24/2008Storming the BarricadesWon
In a carefully-negotiated alliance with the Cosplay Maidens, the two gang mounted a focused assault on the enforcer perimeter at Watery Loo, seeking to gain access to the River Shame and, ultimately, move in to the Charred Cross sector. Approaching after lightsout as close as stealth would allow, the teamed gangs shot the enforcers’ heavy weapons out of commission, with Ghoulface destroying a heavy stubber with a dead-eye shot. Concentrated fire kept even the armoured enforcers pinned, with Jimi Bone preventing a threatening grenade launcher from firing. The Cosplays ably dealt with an approaching patrol APC and its passengers, while Lucky led another attack squad straight for the dome exit. Kohana of the Cosplays threw some scare grenades which threw the police line into disarray, and the combined shooting of both gangs was eventually enough to crack the armour of the Law. The fight hadn’t been without casualties; Betti LeBeau took the brunt of a krak grenade blast in her face- only the help of an unusually-lucid Vigo Kohl had got her out of the battlezone- and Ratskin scout Broken Pipe had been taken down, but things had mostly gone well. Even the potential trouble of captive Hellbitch Black Tanya had been avoided, with new boy Zeb manhandling her ably through the gunfire. Victory came at a price, however: one enforcer escaped the battlefield, reporting the attack to his commanding officer. The Cosplay Maidens and Bedlam Boys were promptly outlawed!