Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/23/2008Storming the BarricadesWon
Stefan and Martijn walked slowly into the drinking hole. They had ventured into Barrackville, a well known part of the Hellbitches' territory. Such a bold move would normally result in certain death, but the Van Saar had been personally invited by Alice Darque. Alice was sitting at a table on the first floor balcony surrounded by her gangers. A brutal looking woman guarded the staircase with a plasma rifle. As she saw the pair she sneered at them, and charged her weapon up, but a signal from Alice Darque halted the guard. She lowered her rifle and stepped back, allowing Stefan and Martijn upstairs
"Have a seat" Alice told them, leaning casually back in her chair.
Martijn looked uncomfortably around them, they were deep in hostile territory. Stefan put his hand on his shoulder, and nodded to him. Desperate times had called for desperate measures.
"You are under my protection today," Alice reassured them "I give you my word"
Stefan sat down and Martijn followed suit. The Van Saar leader placed his ratskin map on the table in front of them, as did Alice with her own.
"Let's get down to business" Stefan dryly prompted.
The two leaders had agreed to meet after much hesitation. It was not normal for two opposing gang leaders to work together, but according to Stefan's assessment if any gang had to breach the Wall of Claudius it could not be done by one gang alone. The Spion Redeemers had not fought these Escher before, so there was no quarrel between them... yet. Stefan hoped he could get Alice on his side for this battle.
"The Wall of Claudius has collapsed at this point" Alice pointed at the ratskin map with her knife "However the Enforcers have barricaded the hole and placed sentry guns and patrols to stop anyone getting through"
"We have scouted the area, and we've spotted two heavy stubber emplacements and 7 Enforcers in total." Martijn added pointing out the positions on the map
"They are patrolling the area tirelessly. It will be impossible to sneak through. The area is scattered with mines and patrol dogs as well."
"I only see one way of getting safely through...." Stefan started
"Attacking the Enforcers in broad day light is insanity" Alice interrupted "You will get us all outlawed immediately! The Hellbitches are not prepared to go to such lengths unecessarily!"
"If you wish to sneak past them you won't need us" Stefan pointed out "We're here to discuss a short alliance, so we both at least have a shot at taking what lies beyond. The Spion Redeemers have 11 members, the Hellbitches 14...."
"13" Alice corrected "Black Tanya was captured by the Bedlam Boys last week....we'd prefer to wait"
"Fine 13 then, we still outnumber the Enforcers over 3 to 1!" Stefan said stressing the point "We can't wait any longer or the other gangs will beat us to it. Rumours have it they have all started mobilising themselves already, stocking up on ammo and equipment. We only have to take 3 or 4 Enforcers out each. We'll just have to make sure none of them are left breathing to rat us out..." Stefan smiled mischieviously revealing his gold tooth.
Alice looked at him curiously.
"Hmmm... they can't outlaw us if they don't know who did it...." Alice was thinking about it hard "My mind is split... I think it's best we let Lady Luck decide. If you can beat me at a game of Emperor's Hand the Hellbitches will fight alongside you. If not we go our seperate ways"
"Sic erat in fatis" Stefan replied and nodded
"Gimp!" Alice yelled extending her hand. A feeble looking man in chains, with a black synthetic mask covering his head appeared from behind the surrounding gangers. He ran over to Alice and slapped an old deck of Emperor's Cards into Alice's hands. He looked at Stefan briefly, drool coming the slit that revealed his mouth, before Alice pushed his head away and kicked him in the rear. Alice shuffled the pack and the game began.
Stefan was up against a skillful player, and after half an hour they were litereally tied on points on the last hand. Alice turned her last card which showed 20 bolters, and grinned... Only few cards in the pack could beat that!
"It seems the Hellbitches will do it their own way feeble man!"
Stefan looked at his last card.
"If that's so...." Stefan started as he threw his card onto the table "Your word means nothing in the Underhive"
The Emperor's Eagle... the highest card in deck.
Alice chuckled.
"And so it was fated" she replied, repeating Stefan's cryptical response earlier. "The Hellbitches will fight with you this once"


Jaap had stroked his new weapon. The Heavy Plasma Gun had always been a dream for him, and Stefan had chosen him to wield it in the gang. Stefan had sold his old plasma rifle and used the gang's hard earned savings to equip him with it. Stefan obviously anticipated a stern fight against the Enforcers.

To his left Dirk placed the old trusty Heavy Stubber through a small gap in the ruins. He had a clear sight of one of the Enforcers already.

The rest of the Spion Redeemers had found a wall that concealed them from their foes. They would use the cover to advance on Stefan's signal. Stefan himself had already infiltrated closer to the defensive postions of the Enforcers. Across on the far right flank, he could see the entire Escher gang of the Hellbitches edging theselves forward on the open ground. They looked quite exposed there he thought, surely they would be spotted soon. Indeed just as he finished that thought, the Enforcers opened fire a bolter and heavy stubber immediately taking two Hellbitches down. This could be very bloody for his gang if he wasn't careful. He heard steps above him. His bioscanner showed a life form on the top floor of the gang way. He would take this man down before he could get into a position to fire on his gang from up top. As he sprinted towards the ladders, he could hear Dirk open fire with the heavy stubber. An Enforcer in the open went down bleeding, in a storm of bullets.

Jaap was preparing his weapon for his first shot when the roaring sound of an engine came from his right. The Enforcers were patrolling the area in a K-9 RH1N0 unit, this was not in the plan! The chasis mounted bolters took down another Escher ganger, before Jaap could respond. From behind a fungus farm, a smaller plasma shot hit the vehicle but it merely rocked in it's place. Stefan had told him to assist the Hellbitches only if they were in dire need, as they needed their help in taking out the Enforcers on the right flank. Failure could result in the Spion Redeemers also being outlawed by the authorities. Jaap turned the knob to max power, and the Weapon started humming slowly, he waited for the indicator to turn green, then took aim and fired! The shot hit the vehicle in its front, but amazingly only shook the vehicle even more dramatically. He waited patiently as the weapon recharged itself observing the Escher running frantically around in the open, pulling their wounded out into cover, some being pinned from more fire and others storming forwards. The weapon was almost charged up again when he let rip another shot but he had pressed the trigger to early, and the plasma ball dissipated into nothing midway! Darn it! The vehicle had recovered from the initial salvo of plasma shots, and two enforcers plus a cybermastiff exited the vehicle charging two Escher gangers behind a wall. Both women were promptly pounded down. Jaap could do no more on that side as there were too many Escher bodies in the mix. It wpould be a bad idea if he accidentaly vapourised one of them at this point. He turned his back on them and looked for a target on the left flank. The Escher would have to deal with their problems for now.

Guus and the other Spion Redeemers behind the wall heard the dog around the corner. Guus slowly aimed his laspistol at the canine taking it down with a well placed shot ot he head.

"Hehehe, nice splat! SPLAAAAAAT! Woof, woof, SPLAT!" Koos laughed manically.

"Be quiet Koos, we need to sneak past their shooters" Martijn ordered as he received Stefan's signal. "Guus grab that loot and run to that bulkhead. Guus nodded, sprinted across but as he picked up the loot there was an explosion as he triggered a proximity mine. Guus was hurt but he was a tough kid, but he gave them a thumbs up as he climbed back on his knees. Martijn pushed Robrecht forward who sprinted across to cover, placing his back up against a bulkhead. The others followed one by one.

As Stefan climbed the bulkhead ladders, he heard Dirk open fire again, followed by the unmistakable clicking sound of the gun jamming. He saw the damage had been effective however, with another Enforcer on a walkway hit in the chest and head, finally falling off the walkway with a crunch. Two down so far on their end, he wondered how the Hellbitches were doing unaware of the RH1N0 that had appeared. Stefan rushed up the last ladder and immediately saw the Enforcer next to the hatch. He jumped out before the enforcement officer could react, slicing his power sword through the carapace armour covering his stomach. With blood pouring out of the man's mouth, Stefan placed a boot in the man's chest and kicked him off. He stumbled backwards, turned around and fell backwards off the ledge of the walkway. A sickening thud as the body fell three floors, was Stefan's confirmation another kill. He jumped back into the hatch as another Enforcer took position to shoot at him from the opposite building. A shotgun scatter shot hit him in the arm, and the shot knocked him off the ladder. He fell the last yard down landing on his feet. He glanced at his arm, it was just a flesh wound thankfully. He looked up at his shooter who grinned, pumped his rifle and shot another shot, this time only hitting the bulkhead. There was no smile this time as the Enforcer was suddenly enveloped in a ball of plasma and melted in front of Stefan's eyes. Jaap's timing was immacualte Stefan thought as he chuckled and climbed down the ladder again quickly.

The Enforcer they had shot down in the open had gotten up again visibly only suffering a flesh wound, but Robrecht had run the entire flank to that position and emerged from his cover blasting him down again with his boltpistols, unloading both weapons into the man. The Enforcer, bleeding heavily from all his wounds fell back down on his knees…. but slowly got back up again! Stefan was back on ground level just as Guus and Robrecht charged the bleeding soldier. Although the man was almost unable to defend himself neither Robrecht nor Guus could pentrate the carapace armour with their weapons. Three times they placed hits on the man with their weapons, but laspistols and knives wouldn't do it. Stefan charged the man down with both his swords raised like a pair of scissors. The Enforcer heard the whirring sound of the chainsword only as the two swords connected with his neck. His head dropped down onto the ground next to his feet, before the body collapsed, finally putting the law enforcement officer to rest!

A fifth Enforcer appeared shooting his shotgun from the behind a building but the combined fire of Martijn, Maxmiliaan and Koos quickly took the man down. Jaap was on his own now, as Dirk had joined the others after his weapon jammed. His only target was a lone Enforcer on the far end of the battlefield that had previously manned a heavy stubber gun emplacement. He had run out of ammo and was bravely shooting at the Hellbitches with his boltpistol. With the heavy plasma gun on low power he enveloped the man and the jammed heavy stubber with a perfect shot, melting them both. Jaap saw that the girls had managed to take out the three RH1N0 occupants as well as another Enforcer that had been cut to pieces in close combat. Having heard of the Hellbitches he was sure their throats had all been sliced to ensure their aim of no survivors.

The last breathing Enforcer was lying on the ground barely breathing after being hit by several bolter and shotgun shells. The eight Van Saar slowly surrounded him. They all opened fire on the bleeding man until the corpse lay completely still.

Stefan strolled over slowly to the corpse, the rest of his gang lowering their weapons and observing their leader. Stefan pulled out his power sword out, and lifted it in the air above the body.

"We've breached the wall. This day is OURS!" He yelled as he brought the sword down parting the Enforcer's head from his body. The rest of the gang cheered jubilantly at the brutality of the scene and the overwhelming victory over the Enforcers.