Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/23/2008Storming the BarricadesWon
An interesting game, this. After meeting en route to the Wall of Claudius, the Spion Redeemers and Hellbitches uneasily agreed to work together to fight their way past the Wall and into the land of riches. After that, all bets were off, of course. Unfortunately for the Hellbitches, their attempts to get the Redeemers to sneak past failed, as, after a short game of Emperor’s Hand, the two leaders agreed to assault the Enforcers. After all, Tom Night reported that there were only seven at the breach, and the two gangs combined numbered 24! Surely an easy task to blast through.

So, with the Redeemers taking the left flank and the Hellbitches set up to punch through on the right, things started to happen. The Enforcers were clearly expecting trouble, getting the drop on the gangs. One fired a bolt shell at Darque, but her flak armour saved her, the impact knocking her to the floor. A heavy stubber emplacement opened up, pinning Poli Stirene, and causing Kristine to turn to Tom in outrage, an insult about his scouting skills forming – just as there was a sharp crack, and she jerked forwards, her chest exploding outwards in a shower of bone, blood and gristle. A hitherto un-noticed Enforcer RH1N0 personnel carrier had revealed itself, roaring forwards and onto the board in front of Sister Silent and Marya Plastik, its bolter roaring. Things weren’t looking good.

With the tank on the board, the gang legged it to cover. Tom dragged Kristine’s limp form behind a support stanchion, while the rest dived for cover where they could find it – behind barrels, crouched under obstacles, or simply fingering lucky charms. Sister Silent, shocked by the appearance of the tank, let rip with her plasma gun – only for it to emit a low, piercing whine after two shots, and fall silent. The tank’s side armour buckled and bent as the balls of plasma exploded, stunning the crew and passengers, but the Hellbitches’ biggest gun was out of action. Marya, meanwhile, finished off a stray hound that had got too close for comfort, and sighed relief as she realised that she was safe – for now.

Over on the left, the Redeemer heavy with heavy plasma gun let rip at the carrier, easily penentrating its flimsy frontal armour with a max-power blast – yet the crew seemed unperturbed as the ball of plasma dissipated inside, its energy spent. The Hellbitches hunkered down, and waited for the next withering round of firing. Luckily for them, it wasn’t nearly as bad – Darque and Poli were pinned again, but no-one else was exposed to fire.

Tom moved up a level, heading for some loot, with Kristine over his shoulders. Darling, the newest Juve, broke cover and grabbed a nearby loot pile before returning, while Jessi, Ms Easy, Nikki, the Gimp, Wildsnake and Bette all made the cover of the first big building that Tom had reached earlier. Recovering from her pinning, Darque made it to some barrels while Marya leapt over a low wall into the effluent from a fungus-farm, joining Silent in Hiding.

Alas for the Hellbitches, Poli was taken out as she stood up from pinning, the Enforcer manning the heavy stubber smiling behind his visor as he watched her spin and collapse into the dust. Darque groaned at the sight, and leapt up, sprinting across to the prone form, heaving her over the wall and into cover. The rest of the Hellbitches began to move forwards, towards the breach in the Wall and safety. Tom Night, crouched by a pile of loot, began a shotgun duel with the stubber gunner, pinning him with a lucky shot.

More pain was to come, though, as the Enforcer K-9 team piled out of their carrier and into combat with Marya and Sister Silent. With cold and brutal efficiency, both were put Out of Action before the Enforcers moved to continue their sweep. In response, Divine, Easy and Sioux turned their guns on the Enforcer Sergeant, pinning him (as they watched their lasbolts and bullets whine harmlessly off his suppression shield in amazement). Darque began to move around the back of the fungus farm towards the tank and the Enforcer K-9 team, still dragging Poli’s inert and moaning form.

While Tom continued to exchange shots with the Enforcer in the tower, Wildsnake and the frenzied Gimp charged a bolter-armed Enforcer. Wildsnake cut the man down in a flurry of blows, finishing him off with a bolt round to the head. “That,” she snarled, “is for Kristine.” With that, Wildsnake and Gimp ran towards the glint of the River Shames in the distance, closely followed by Bette Page and Darling, still carrying the loot.

Back by the fungus farm, Easy, Divine and Sioux charged the Enforcer Sergeant. Easy swung her swords as she closed, smashing his shield from his arm and cutting him down with contemptuous ease before slamming into the flamer-toting member of the patrol. Far above, Tom dodged yet another bolt shell from the Enforcer’s pistol (his shotgun having jammed long since) before a ball of plasma incinerated both Enforcer and stubber.

Suddenly, from nowhere, and with cold calculation, the K-9 leapt at Divine, smashing her to the ground, putting her Out of Action as she clutched at her face, screaming in agony. Easy yelled, spinning on the spot and slamming her sword through the K-9’s head, destroying its electronic brain. As she did so, a hush fell across the breach. The fighting was over, the Enforcers all dead – and dead men tell no tales. The Van Saar had already begun to slip away towards the River Shames, so, taking their wounded with them, the Hellbitches followed suit.

A bit of a mixed bag, then, this game. Kristine’s death in the after-action phase hurt me badly, as she alone had almost 200 points of rating! Worse still, Tom Night decided to go and commune with the spirits, while neither my Inventor or Settlement came up with anything. So there I was, down from 2114 to 1848 before advances… luckily, the XP gained was quite high, with Darque alone jumping 30 points. Injury wise, Sister Silent gained Horrible Scars after her mauling by the flamer-armed Enforcer; Nikki Divine was Blinded in the right eye and Marya was Blinded in the left! Clearly they program K-9s to go for the face. Poli made a Full Recovery, unlike poor Kristine, who was buried with her lasgun.

Positively, however, Bette became a Ganger, picking up the gang’s spare lasgun, and got tougher (T4); Darling gained +1BS; the Gimp’s Ld improved (which will come in handy with his head wound); Ms Easy got to WS6, making her as dangerous as Darque; Wildsnake got Counter-Attack; Jessi got Chemist and made some Blade Venom and Marya learned from her mauling by the robo-dog and reached WS5.

The loot turned out to be worth 65 creds, gaining Darque the most courageous leader XP bonus, but, as the Arbitrator decreed no territories could be worked, no-one could be hired and no trading could be done; the Hellbitches fell to a rating of 2,012 – and then I worked out what it would’ve been if I’d Rescued Black Tanya (or she’d not been captured in the first place). With no deaths, it’d’ve been a minimum of 2,630! Arrrgh! ‘Two-Fingers’ is going to pay for that…