Battle Report for Bedlam Boys
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/19/2008Gang FightLost
Seeking revenge for her missing fingers, Lucky led the Bedlammers into action against Alice Darque and her Hellbitches. After several turns of circling the battllefield and numerous missed or non-wounding hits on both sides, things took a turn for the violent as the Hellbitch plasma gunners took out Mac, and Kaspar was hit with scare gas. Fortunately, being charged by two opponents snapped The Shit out of his fear, and he pomptly dispatched them in close combat. Kendo Herty took a hit, picking up an old battle wound, though it is hoped he follows the example of Ghoulface, who hasn't missed a fight as a result of his wound yet. Elsewhere, Jimi Bone's attempts to take out Darque met with his hotshot packing in. He was charged by the Escher leader, holding his own for a round of close combat. The sight of her right hand man under assault and losing a wound to the brutal Darque was too much for Lucky: she rolled a 12 on her bottle test. Some compensation was found in the capture of the Hellbitches' Tanya.