Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/19/2008Gang FightWon
With each leader’s reputation at stake, and the Hellbitches the underdogs, there was everything to fight for and everything to lose. The early turns saw exchanges of fire which were, by and large, ineffective. An attempt by Wildsnake Bliss to assassinate Lucky Montoya with her bolt pistol ended in failure after her and the two Juves, Gimp and Bette Page, failed to get into quite the right position via the vents. Conversely, the Bedlammers got their snipers and a meatshield onto the Hellbitches’ right flank, where a short exchange of shots left Ghoulface and Jimi pinned (briefly) and their meatshield Down. In return, when Ghoulface and Jimi got back up, they put Ms Easy Down for the game and pinned Poli Stirene.

Jessi Sioux and Marya Plastik attempted to get into position to charge Two-Fingers Montoya and her guards, but failed, while Bliss’s scare gas grenades sent Kaspar ‘The Shit’ Courraine running like the little boy he really is. The Juves kept up a withering hail of fire on the Bedlammers throughout the game, putting one Out of Action, and taking two Down.

Over on the left flank, plasma fire and lasbolts were flashing back and forth between the heavies and two Bedlammers that were holed up in a ruined building. Uriah Macbeta and Lazlo Lazarus eventually ended up on the wrong end of sustained fire, but not before taking Black Tanya Down, which later sent her Out of Action! However, Mac went Out after getting repeatedly chewed up by max-power plasma, while Lazlo eventually took a faceful of dirt.

It’s worth mentioning that Kristine ‘Lobo’ X, with her Initiative of 1, managed not to fall off the tower when she was hit by Lazarus!

Meanwhile, back on the right, Darque’s flak armour saved her from an early attempt to even the odds by Jimi Bone, and she moved to get revenge for Easy, who was by now lying in cover nursing her wounds. Her bodyguard, Nikki Divine, threw smoke to cover her advance, in between taking potshots with her autopistol.

Kaspar Courraine, in a flurry of violence, took Marya Plastik and Jessi Sioux Out of Action after they snapped him out of his catatonic fear by ill-advisedly charging him. Wildsnake Bliss missed with her bolt pistol in an attempt to get revenge, and, laughing, the Bedlammers’ Ratskin – Broken Pipe – showed her how to do it by taking a snap shot at the Gimp’s head (all he could see), taking him straight Out of Action!

With both gangs by now taking bottle checks, it was all down to the bottle rolls. Darque, enraged by the apparent inability of the Hellbitches to make a mark on the Bedlammers (despite the fact that there were now two Bedlam Boys Out of Action thanks to the plasma gunners and two more Down thanks to the Juves), charged Jimi Bone after ineffectually snapping off a plasma shot with her pistol. Jimi put up a decent fight, but the sight of one of his fingers arcing off into the darkness of the underhive was too much for Two-Fingers, who turned and ran, taking her gang with her and leaving the ‘Quake zone to the Hellbitches!

After action, Marya Plastik and Jessi Sioux suffered badly for taking on The Shit. Marya got a leg wound, reducing her movement, and Jessi lost a point of toughness. Worse was yet to come, however! The Gimp took a head wound (appropriately enough – a truly legendary headshot at -2 to hit, from Broken Pipe), and, horror of horrors, Black Tanya, who went Out of Action in the last turn of the game, was captured!

That despite being nowhere near the Bedlammers and surrounded by friendlies! The only possible explanation is that she was jumped whilst staggering back to the Hellbitches’ territory.

On the plus side, Darque gained Step Aside; Sister Silent became (potentially) a better shot with the Long-Shot skill; Kristine X got Evade; Nikki Divine got Feint; Ms Easy got Disarm; the Gimp gained WS4, Step Aside and Counter-Attack; and Bette Page became BS4 and an Inventor.

The Settlement failed to produce a Juve, my Chemist didn’t produce any drugs, Bette couldn’t invent anything yet, and all that was left was to work out what to spend my 48 creds on! First, a Ratskin – after Broken Pipe’s showing, I needed one. So, Tom Night was hired. Then, with 33 creds left, I sold off the knife and club, giving me 40 creds – just enough for a Juve with autopistol. Say hello to Darling, boys…

Next – the Hellbitches cross the Wall before trying to rescue Black Tanya from the clutches of Two-Fingers Montoya and the Bedlam Boys!