Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/16/2008Gun Fight - Shoot-outWon
Martijn ran into the camp, holding a note and handed it to Stefan. Martijn had been collecting supplies at the nearest settlement, but had returned earlier than expected.

"It's Da Prospectas... they're bad mouthin' us everywhere boss." Martijn panted... "And they're challenging us to a shoot out tonight if we ain't 'sissy, mudshovelling pebble diggas' whatever that means..."

"We'll be there..." Stefan responded quickly, glancing at the note "Those brutes are dumber than headless scavvies, and if they're slagging us offthey have a lesson comin'! Maxmiliaan, get your gear and get ready!" he yelled. Maxmiliaan had quicker hands than anyone. Stefan had timed him and he was able to pull his gun out quicker than anyone else in the gang. The Goliaths had no idea what they were getting themselves into.


After a quick game of Emperor's Hand, the Goliaths would face up with three men against four of the Spion Redeemers. They decided they would each let one of their juves pick their opponents. Edwin picked out two gangers and juve from Da Prospectas group. A goliath juve, probably fooled by Maxmiliaan's chest bandages and Jaap's slightly bulging waistline, picked those two as well as Robrecht and Stefan. They obviously wanted the Van Saar leader in the shooting line. Stefan smirked confident in his gang's odds.

Two barrels were placed at either end, and the remaining gangers, with their weapons locked up, lined up together with numerous settlers, along both lengths of the 'Walkway of Nerves'. Apart from the barrels there was nothing between the gangers once they stepped forward. Maxmiliaan took point position with Stefan and Robrecht behind him. Jaap stood firm where he was with his Heavy Stubber slung casually from his shoulder. The Goliaths looked nervous, they were seriously outgunned an autopistol, hand flamer and lasgun vs a heavy stubber, bolter, lasgun and plasma pistol.... They stepped forward trying to close the gap, while the Spion Redeemers slowly moved forward giving Jaap some body cover. Suddenly the Goliaths lost their nerve and went for their guns. Maxmiliaan pulled his lasrifle off his back in a flash, and slammed a shot into the chest of their juve, Soldat. The youngster flew back and lay still. The Goliath next to him, jumped back diving for the cover of the barrel behind him. Simultaneously Stefan pulled his plasma pistol out and blasted the second Goliath ganger, known as Halden, down. The cowering Goliath behind the barrel merely peeked from his cover screaming to his leader.

"Baron, call it out, I can't take 'em alone!" Jones yelled out "They'ze too quick and....aaaah! " Some heavy stubber rounds from Jaap pounded into the barrel before he could finish, making him duck further down behind it.

Robrecht pumped a few bolter rounds into the body of the fallen Halden as Stefan ran over to the same man. He skidded the last yard on his knees as the Goliaths around the arena, pulled out hidden guns. Stefan put Enrager to the Goliath's temple, and held the hostage in front of him.

"Baron this fight is over!" He screamed so everyone could hear him. "This settlement has already witnessed your cowardice. Leave your creds behind and we'll let you leave here with your men alive. Otherwise suffer the consequence with your lives!" He pulled the switch, charging Enrager to Max Power. Halden was drenched in sweat and blood now, his eyes flickering almost psychotically as he thought he was facing certain death.

The Baron scanned the situation, his head flicking left and right assessing the options quickly in his head. He could see the settlers were furious for breaking the rules and he was vastly outnumbered. He pulled his pouch with creds and chucked it next to Stefan

"Holster your guns men!" The Baron yelled "Enough Goliath blood has been spilt here today. Live to dig another mine I say!"

Stefan lifted Halden up and pulled the autopistol out of the Goliath's holster. A boot to Halden's back launched him at one of his fellow Goliaths who caught his bleeding friend. Another Goliath picked up the bleeding juve Soldat from the ground. Soldat was shaking uncontrollably, obviously shell shocked by the direct hit to the chest. The Goliath's scampered out of the settlement, as some settlers threw old rat bones and rotten food at them.

Stefan stood and watched the fleeing Goliaths as he switched off Enrager in his right hand. As the plasma pistol hissed to a silence, Stefan looked with satisfaction at the 24 creds that were in the pouch he'd just aquired, and smiled.