Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
"Why'd you sell Billy Boss!" Koos moaned Stefan "He was my friend…"

"Billy had to go" Stefan tried to explain while chewing on some fungus "He made some new friends"

Stefan had never thought anyone would have been so happy to be sold into slavery, but Billy was smiling as much as his broken jaw allowed him when they left him. The Slavers had only paid 13creds for him. It wasn't as much as Stefan had hoped but Billy looked worse than when they'd caught him… all due to the cuts Koos had inflicted on Billy's face and hands.

There were rumours of a new posse of Redemptionists, called Faith in Fire, crowding up the area, and the slavers had told them the direction they were headed. They were apparently looking for loot so they could amass even greater numbers. Stefan decided they would intercept them, he always liked more loot, and it was always best to kill a rat before it grew too large….

When the Redmptionists arrived the Spion Redeemers were already there. Stefan and the others ambushed them from the large cooling towers and it was over as soon as the Van Saar opened fire. Stefan had covered one flank by himself lobbing two grenades down onto their Deacons, blowing the knee cap off one. Jaap, Robrecht and Martijn had taken care of the rest with a combined barrage of fire taking three down including the priest. The remaining Redemptionists quickly fled with their injured as they saw the remaining Van Saar bearing down on them.

"You reckon they'll be back?" Martijn asked Stefan

"If the embers are hot, can you still make a fire?" Stefan responded, and Martijn slowly nodded. These fanatics were down but not out….

The loot proved useful, and with the vast amounts of free fungus to eat, Stefan had some extra creds left over to spend on weapons. He couldn't turn down a bargain for an old power sword. He'd always envied his old regiment lieutenant for it, and now he finally had one himself. This sword would soon taste some blood!