Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/5/2008Gang FightLost

Stefan was busy tending to Koos who wouldn't sit still. Koos had been lucky to survive the last fight, the same couldn't be said about his face. Koos had been hit by heavy stubber rounds, his face however had suffered from consequently falling into a small acid pool. It had burned his face beyond recognition, and Stefan was looking at the condition of the scabs that were forming. There was not much they could to help him down here, but Koos, seemed

"Hey Boss, Boss I'm OK, OK hehehehe OK… hehehe" Koos was chuckling "Let me go play with Billy please, I'm OK" throwing his knife into the air spinning, and catching the handle easily again. Koos would often use his knife to scar himself, cutting himself on the forearms or on the shins.

Stefan looked at him briefly then let him go. Koos ran toward the Delaque captive that was still tied up in the corner of the camp. Better that he cut up the captive than himself, Stefan thought.

Joost had sat a few yards away from them, toying with some old circuitry and wires. He hadn't produced anythinng new since the bioscanner, but Stefan was sure something would come from his efforts eventually. The deep scars in the boys face were visible, as he had removed the small face mask they had given him to wear around the camp. He had obviously suffered trauma from the injuries sustained during the last few weeks, and whether it was from his horrifying scars or the wounds he suffered fighting the Aventines was impossible to tell. Stefan feared that they would haunt the boy for a long time….

They had recently fought the Aventines over a bit of territory close to Sector 5. They had been shot up badly suffering several injuries, Maxmiliaan's by far being the worst…. The Aventines though had suffered worse. An Aventine armed with a flamer had charged at them, and even though a direct hit from Martijn hadn't killed the man, Stefan had lobbed a grenade onto the prone enemy blowing the man in two pieces. Maxmiliaan and Joost had been shot down attacking a pair of gangers, but only after taking another Aventine down in close combat. They had captured that ganger and sold him back for a fair sum of 55 creds. After Koos had been shot, Stefan realised they wouldn't be able to penetrate the Aventines defenses. The rival gang had holed themselves up, and they would suffer even more severe casualties if they attempted to charge them. Stefan had not been willing to risk that. They'd get their revenge another day.

Maxmiliaan was being looked after by Thijs. He had suffered a severe chest wound, that would leave him vulnerable for a long time. Stefan had seen such wounds before, and the victims didn't tend to live very long if they continued to be in battle. Maxmiliaan may have toughened up again in time, but until then he would be very vulnerable if hit. Stefan wasn't sure if he would be able to carry his weight around the gang for very long.