Battle Report for Bedlam Boys
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/2/2008Gang FightLost
A special 'Cage Match' pit fight between the close combat experts of the Bedlam Boys, Cosplay Maidens, Hellbitches and Holy Order of the Black Heart. Lucky was abruptly outclassed in close combat by Alice Darque of the Hellbitches; the rest of the gang's attempts to attack the Hellbitches directly in revenge were impeded by the arrival of hired thugs and the Holy Order. By the time the Bedlammers had seen off these opponents, the Hellbitches had fled, leaving the Bedlam Boys to skirmish with the Cosplays before cutting their losses. Lucky lost three finger in the scrap, and had her pride severly sprained; the gang looted some equipment from a captured thug, including a grav chute.