Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
Game #7, 5th February 2008: Scavengers vs Seamus’ Butchers of Beefcake Alley (Goliath):

Goliaths, eh? The Hellbitches’ first crack at House Escher’s hated rivals, and it started appallingly badly. With barely any terrain on the table, and the one and only loot marker – an alien plant form clearly prized by uphive collectors – in the centre, it was clear it was going to be a bloodbath. Luck gave me the first turn, and while Kristine was Stupid, that alone wasn’t going to dent my plan. Wildsnake and her Juves took the right flank, while Darque, Nikki, the heavies, and the rest of the gang moved towards the loot. By turn two, Darque, Nikki, and the heavies were behind cover just inches away from the objective – and the gangers nicely protected on the ground floor, just behind the building itself. The Butchers, meanwhile, had moved up wisely (Seamus knows his stuff) using cover expertly and overwatching the objective with their heavy stubber and an autogun.

At this point, it all started to go wrong. Both heavies were first pinned, then taken Down by a shotgun firing scatter shot (note to self: get shotgun). Then Sister Silent went Out of Action from her wounds! On the right flank, a scare gas grenade had been thrown at a Goliath flanking movement consisting of their leader, a ganger, and two Juves. It missed them, then drifted back towards Wildsnake! Thankfully it dissipated before it could send them running.

Kristine, who had momentarily overcome her stupidity, had by this point engaged in a sporadic firefight with the Goliath autogunner. Neither, however, could hit each other. Darque, Divine, and Tanya conferred with each other, sheltering from the Goliath shotguns behind a convenient wall. Below, Jessi Sioux and Poli Stirene moved out to take potshots at two Goliaths; both missed. It looked like the Goliaths were winning.

It looked even more like that when Bette Page, then the Gimp, were taken Out of Action in close combat after a failed gamble with Wildsnake’s bolt pistol led to a pinned, and not down, Butcher! Wildsnake, sneering at her Juves, then showed them how to do it and turned the game around. A consistent set of 4s, 5s, and 6s on her attack dice, combined with her Step Aside skill, saw her put, over the next few turns, the Goliath Leader and Ganger Down. Across the table, Jessi Sioux had got into a position to charge a pinned Ganger, and took it. With a disastrous fumble from the Goliath, Sioux hit him nine times and sent him straight Out of Action. Things were looking up!

Cheered by her gangs’ success in combat (if not in shooting), Darque stepped out to face the overwatch – and survived. The Goliaths thus preoccupied, Divine ran to the plant, grabbed it, and ran back again. Tanya moved next to Darque to try and get the Goliath heavy, but, alas, the run of bad shooting on both sides continued and no-one was hit. Marya Plastik and Ms Easy, meanwhile, had sent the Leader and Ganger that Bliss had put down Out of Action – and that was that. The Goliaths bottled, leaving the loot behind and the Hellbitches in control once again.

After the game, with so few wounding hits (three, in all) for the Hellbitches, there were few advances. Poli Stirene gained WS5; Jessi Sioux rolled up Disarm; Ms Easy gained an extra attack; and Bette, clearly toughened by her encounter with the Goliaths, gained BS3 and S4. The unfortunate Gimp, however, was left with a Chest Wound and T2. He was luckier than the Goliath Leader, though, who had died of his wounds! Wildsnake has now claimed her first scalp, the second in the Hellbitches to have actually killed an enemy gang member.

After working out how much the plant was worth, the gang was left with 45 creds. 20 were spent on a Lobo-chip for Kristine, and another 22 on some smoke grenades Darque found in a traders’ otherwise empty caravan.

Next in the Hellbitches’ sights? The Bedlam Boys and ‘Two-Fingers’ Montoya!