Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
They watched over the Prospectas camp for a few days. Martijn drew up a detailed map of their camp, and the possible entry points through Koos's Canals. Stefan and Robrecht visited Trader Vic for a few items, purchasing a used bolter for Robrecht. Bolters were well known for jamming, but Robrecht had also picked up Joost's gun cleaning technique, and after a day with Robrecht the bolter looked like it had just come out of the factory. Jaap also seemed more capable of handling the heavy stubber than Dirk, showing Dirk how to move and shoot with it, which Dirk couldn't replicate yet. Stefan told them to swap guns for a while, as Dirk was also better able to handle himself in hand-to-hand if necessary. They were able to take the bandages off Joost's face, although most of the gang preferred to have left them on. If they didn't know it was Joost, they would never have recognised him, and it scared most of them to even look at him. The boy had changed, both physically and mentally. He seemed much stronger and tougher from his ordeal, but he also kept himself apart more than he used to.

They overheard the Goliath leader talking about a funeral pyre to commemorate the death of their juve, Janus. The commemoration entailed heavy drinking, and huge crates of booze from their nearest settlement had been bought… oh yeah and burning the corpse. The following day they would execute the killer, Thijs. The Spions could stall no longer.

Stefan drew up the plan. Most of the Goliaths would most likely be sleeping off the booze after the huge piss up. Their sentries would be limited to 1 or 2 at best, knowing the well reputed ill discipline when Goliaths combined with booze. Using the vents Jaap and Robrecht would surround the central, open area where they were holding Stefan. They would wait in the ruins until the sentries approached close enough for them to take them out. Joost would dash out to free Thijs and then they would all get out of there quick. If they were able to do it quietly they would take as many captives with them as possible.

At first break of light they approached the camp. The Goliaths had only gone to bed an hour before and the snoring could be heard from their tents. Only a single Goliath ganger paced around the open area guarding Thijs. Jaap and Robrecht came down at the far end of the camp, setting up ready to shoot down any early risers. Martijn and Koos covered the left side of the camp while Martijn, Joost, Dirk and Stefan snuck into the ruined building closest to the sentry. Then they waited….

The Goliath paced around the area visibly drunk from the night's festivities.

"The Baron ..hic… always gets me to …hic… do the scavvin' shit watch" The Goliath kicked at a rock and missed horribly "Ain't nobody …hic… knowin' our camp…hic…don't see the point…." he mumbled his voice fading with his last words.

He stumbled back to Thijs, and Stefan threw a small rock at the ground outside the ruin they were hiding inside.

"Wha' woz dat!... Hic!" The Goliath stumbled across towards the door with his gun raised, and Stefan signalled 'go' to Maxmiliaan. The two of them rushed out at the Goliath, Joost following suit. Maxmiliaan slammed his shoulder into the ganger knocking the drunk to the ground, a shot from the Goliath's pistol went off into the air. A club to the head kept him still. Stefan and Maxmiliaan quickly lifted the body and raced back towards the ruin. They could hear stirring from one of the tents. The gun shot must have awoken them. Joost sprinted past them to Thijs and cut him loose. The freed juve got up and sprinted after Stefan.

"Muntz!? " They heard from insde a tent "Wha' are you doin'?" The Goliath Heavy came out of his tent and grabbed the heavy stubber that lay on the ground next to him

"Wha' the …."the gun came up and the nozzle immediately blazed into action. As Joost turned around to see what was ahppening, he was hit in the shoulder, knocking him down. The Heavy Stubber clicked repeatedly, apparently jammed.

"Ork junk!" The Goliath cursed, throwing it back down and looking around.

Another Goliath emerged from another tent, this time however Jaap had the angle covered and he pinned him down with heavy stubber fire behind a wall, his gun jamming up in the process

"Let's go!" he yelled at Robrecht, who just missed the Goliath Heavy with a couple bolter shots. Teh Goliath jumped to cover completely unarmed. Some more Goliaths appeared from their tents shooting at Jaap as he made his escape from the ruin. He felt a sting on the arm from a stray shot, but was able to continue running. The dazed Goliaths weren't able to gather their bearings quick enough, and the pair sprinted across the open ground. They helped Joost up on his feet, and under covering fire from Koos and Martijn, they ran out of the Goliath camp. The Goliaths gave chase but were either too confused or hung-over to track them very far, most probably both. After 10mins Stefan saw them returning to their camp.

The Spions trekked back across the wastes towards their own camp passing by a Goliath settlement, marked as one of Da Prospectas' territories.

"Stop!" called Stefan "We're going to make an example of this brute. Koos.. tie his feet together and string him up!"

Koos duly did as ordered, first tieing the captive by the ankles and then throwing the remaining rope over a building girder. With the help of Thijs they pulled the Goliath up so he hung head down, dangling from the girder, his head at the same height as theirs. With his mouth taped and arms tied behind his back, the Goliath was only able to make whimpering noises. Koos punched the Goliath in the face, blood squirting out of the Goliath's nose and pouring down his face.

Stefan pulled his knife, held the blade and offered the hilt to Joost. The juve took the knife and looked at the struggling captive, then grabbed a tuft of his mono-hawk. He made five quick slices across the Goliath's face, and took a step back. The captive was squirming heavily, obviously in a lot of pain. The juve took a step forward again and slowly sliced a deep cut across the ganger's throat. A few jolts followed before the body hung still, swinging gently from the rope. A large pool of blood was forming underneath the dead ganger, his face undistinguishable from all the blood that was pouring from his neck and face.

"You're a ganger now Joost" Stefan took the knife from Joost's hands "Same goes to you Thijs", putting his hand on Thijs's shoulder. "You are both full gang members of the Spion Redeemers now"

The following few days were spent on patching up small wounds, and restocking supplies. Joost was given a sword and boltpistol, while Thijs was handed Maxmiliaan's club as he had replaced that with a sword too. One afternoon Dirk walked in with two young juves on each side, his hands resting on their shoulders.

"Meet Guus and Edwin boys!" The juves were spitting images of each other, twins! "They've escaped an Escher raid on their caravan. They tracked us down and want to redeem their honour with revenge over Escher scum in this area. What do you say boss?"

Stefan stepped over to inspect them, looking at each one inches from their face, neither flinched. He pulled out his knife, and the juve on the left jumped back.

"What's your name son?" Stefan said

"Guus de Boer sir!" he proclaimed proudly.

Stefan placed his knife on the boy's chin, and with a quick cut he had made a thin wound vertically down his chin. The juve clutched his chin and looked startled at the gang leader.

"Welcome to the gang Guus and Edwin!" Stefan declared "Now we'll be able to tell you apart!"

The rest of the gang laughed, and the two new juves looked at each other and smiled.

Stefan was proud. The gang continued to grow stronger…