Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:

As the gang had gone in search for the location of the collapsed wall, Stefan had scouted a bit ahead He had located an area with more of the valuable material they had found at Jorkk's Passage. From his position on the first floor of a ruined building, he sent a message to the others to rendezvous at Theta quadrant. He suddenly heard deep voices not far away. He peaked through a crack in the wall and saw 10 Goliaths approaching his position. Stefan could see the muscular Goliath leader directing his gangers, a grenade launcher resting on his massive shoulder. Three went towards Stefan's building, another three towards a Giant Mushroom patch. The remaining four went through a ruined house, the Heavy and leader reappearing on the first floor, taking up shooting positions in the broken windows. The Heavy was literally 5 yards from Stefan's position, checking his weapon.

"Goliaths in the area" Stefan silently communicated through his headset. "I'm surrounded…. Counter-attack from quadrants Beta and Delta" He set Enrager to max power. "For the faith of my family" he murmured to himself. He shimmied towards a shooting position next to a collapsed wall, and could hear the sound as the Goliath placed new ammo into the heavy stubber. As he spun to shoot his right foot fell through the cracked floor and his shot went wildly into the air. The Heavy looked startled, but immediately cocked his weapon, and replied by pulling the trigger of his own weapon. The wall of bullets ripped through the wall and beams of the building also hitting Stefan. It knocked him down and he crashed completely through the floor. For a second the level he had stood on creaked, then crumbled in a cloud of dust, covering Stefan in a pile of rubble….

In his headset, Martijn had heard the gunfire from Stefan's position, then the sound of a crash, finally followed by white noise… Martijn was visibly shaken.

"Stefan?" he whispered, more to himself than in an attempt to get through to his leader.

"Get into position!" Dirk barked at Martijn. He ran up the stairs and set his heavy stubber in position through a window, covering the central buildings and the open ground in the middle. He noticed he was stood on something, and saw the small pile of tungsten at his feet, which he swiftly stuffed in his rucksack. He scanned the area but still no sign of any Goliaths

Martijn had gathered his nerve, and with a hardened grip on his lasgun he ran towards position Delta.

As Thijs, Joost and Maxmiliaan dropped from the vents to quandrant Delta, they were immediately hit by a hail of autogun fire from the adjacent building. Thijs took two shots, and collapsed on the building's first floor bleeding.

"Down, to cover!" Maxmiliaan yelled rolling off the first floor to the ground level of the building, pulling Joost with him. They fell with a thud and the shots stopped. Maxmiliaan looked up carefully and saw three Goliaths taking position in the ruined building opposite them. He didn't notice Thijs's blood dripping onto his boltpistol….

Koos, Jaap and Robrecht sprinted to a nearby wall. As they peeked from the corner, they could see several Goliaths had taken position opposite them. A Heavy stubber and Grenade launcher were covering the small patch of open ground from a vnatage point. They needed to cross here to get to quadrant Beta and the next piece of cover.

"I'll go first…" Robrecht volounteered. Before they could argue he sprinted across. The pop of the grenade launcher could be heard and an explosion hit the ground next to Robrecht throwing him to the ground. Koos and Jaap sprinted across under autogun fire and dived behind the wall. They got up and looked helplessly at Robrecht as he got to his knees. Then the heavy stubber roared and sprayed bullets onto the open ground, three shots hitting Robrecht in the arms and torso and knocking him back to the ground face up. Koos roared in anger, and shot at a Goliath he saw running into the ruins, hitting a wall instead. The Goliath returned fire and an acurrate autogun burst hit Koos in the right arm. Clutching his arm from a fleshwound he put his back to the wall and slid onto the ground.

At postion Delta, Maxmiliaan hand signalled to Joost that they would rush the Goliath's in the opposite building, "shoot first then charge" was the message. Joost whistled in recognition, and sprinted out, with Maxmiliaan on his heels. Joost picked out a Goliath in the ruins, and fired a shot. The Goliath ganger fell to the ground clutching his chest. Maxmiliaan's shot missed the other two Goliath's behind cover as they ran out to countercharge Joost. Joost bravely fended off the Goliath juve, but the juve managed to grab Joost's right arm. The second Goliath ganger, grabbed Joost's left arm with his left hand, then slashed Joost five times across the face. A kick to the stomach and the Van Saar juve flew backwards landing on his face, which quickly beacme a pool of his own blood. The two Goliath's repositioned themselves ready to face Maxmiliaan, but as Maxmiliaan prepared to charge Thijs came charging out with his knife in hand, bleeding from the left arm. He charged into the Goliath juve knocking him to the ground, and burrying a knife in the young warrior's neck. Spurred by Thijs's bravery, Maxmiliaan roared a charge at the remaining Goliath ganger with his club in the air. As he was about to slam into the massive man, the Goliath grabbed his autogun and slammed it into Maxmiliaan's face, his own momentum knocking him out immediately. The Goliath lumbered over to Thijs who stood panting over the body of the dead juve. Their eyes locked for a second before the Goliath grunted and slammed the hilt of his knife into the side of Thijs's head, knocking him down. As Thijs lay on the ground barely able to open his remaining eye he felt the pain as the Goliath grabbed him by the hair and started dragging him away…

Dirk opened fire at a juve running across the top floor of a building, but another Goliath immediately ran past his pinned colleague before he could reload.

"It's swarming with these Scally maggots!" Dirk cursed.

Martijn meanwhile had gotten into a position to shoot into the ruined building which was position Beta. An accurate lasgun shot to the chest took one of the Goliath's down.

"There's one at the door" He communicated to Jaap "He's all yours!"

Jaap had just finished putting some tungsten in his bag as he heard Martijn. Jaap approached the door and switched the plasmagun to High Power. As he kicked the door down, the Goliath inside grabbed his gun as it went off and pushed it up. Jaap's plasma shot hit the ceiling, burning a steaming hole right through. A second Goliath dropped down behind him, and whacked him in the back of the head with the hilt of his autogun.

"Take 'is bag Marty, 'e's got loot!" said one Goliath "The light is dimming, let's go!"

The other Goliath took Jaap's pack off and trudged back into the ruins.

As the lights dimmed the Spions retreated. The Goliath's were still searching the area for more valuables, but there was nothing they could do to stop them. Jaap and Maxmiliaan were bruised but not badly injured, and Robrecht had somehow survived his kamikazee run against the odds. Maxmiliaan carried Joost back to the others in his arms. The boy's face had been slashed beyond recognition, caking his face with a thick layer of his own blood. Five deep scars criss- crossed his face, two crossing at his mouth, his lips seperated into six separate pieces. A horizontal slash across his nose, had torn the bottom of his nose off, and miraculously two diagonal slashes across each eye had managed to at least left his eyes undamaged. He'd lost a lot of blood, but apart from the scars he would OK. The others shuddered at the sight of Joost, the kind, mute boy looked like a monster now.

"They got Thijs…" Maxmiliaan said "They'll probably execute him, I saw him kill one of their boys"

Dirk looked at the others, and said what they had all been thinking.

"We have to find Stefan…"

From a distance Robrecht used his infra-red sight to monitor the Goliaths as they searched the ruins for more valuable metal. Only Dirk had managed to take some back for the gang, but the loot didn't matter… their main concern was with Stefan. They had all heard Stefan's last radio message, and they all felt the fear of losing their leader. No one dared to speak. As the Goliath's finally retreated to their camp Maxmiliaan and Koos followed them silently through Koos's Canals. Thijs was still alive and they had all agreed they would attempt to rescue him if they could. Dirk was agitated to find Stefan however…where was his best friend!

The rest of the gang silently walked through the ruins of the day's bloody battlefield. As they approached the collapsed wall at quadrant Theta, Robrecht saw a faint glow of heat from beneath a pile of rubble. Dirk lifted a piece off and a rat scurried out… the heat signal disappeared.

"He's not here…" Robrecht said dissapointingly

They bowed their heads and turned to continue their search.

Joost, with his face completely covered in bandages, suddenly put up his hand. The others stopped, but could hear nothing….

"Wait…….is that tapping?" Dirk whispered

The faintest of tapping sounds emanated from the rubble

In unison they jumped at the debris, and tore pieces of rubble off. A large floor piece blocked their route. Grabbing a corner each Jaap, Maxmiliaan, Dirk and Robrecht strained, but finally lifted the massive piece off. Beneath it Stefan lay, cocooned in a small hole. Apart from a large bump to the head, and a bullet wound in the arm he looked no worse for wear, albeit extremly dusty.

"What took you so long!" Stefan grumbled "That scavving rat was having a meal of my arm… Ptooj". A gunk of dirt mixed with spit flew out of his mouth. He bent down and picked up Enrager and his chainsword from the hole. He looked at the broken remains of his headpiece, before turning to his gang

"So?" He said glancing at each of them in turn, stopping when he saw Joost (or rather didn't see Joost!) "What happened! Where' are the others?" As he realised three were missing as well

"We took a heavy beating chief!" Robrecht replied "Joost got slashed in the face bad, and they captured Thijs. They took most of the loot too. Maxmiliaan and Koos are tracking them down to their camp…"

"Good!" Stefan interrupted, taking a new headpiece out of Martijn's chest pocket. "We're not leaving Thijs behind with those maggot brained brutes! We'll teach them to mess with the Spion Redeemers!"