Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
2/2/2008Gang FightLost
The Pit Fight Riot! A matter of honour for the Hellbitches, and honour was satisfied. ‘Lucky’ Montoya, sex traitor and leader of the Orlock gang the Bedlam Boys had been mouthing off about being the hardest femme in the sector. Obviously such lies couldn’t be allowed to stand, and Darque announced that she was “goin’ down like she fallen from tophive” – a challenge taken up by the CosPlay Maidens’ Gang Champion Yumiko. The pit fight would be close combat weapons only, and there were security men posted around the pit to ensure that any rulebreakers would be shot.

The fight started well, with Darque charging Montoya and smashing her to the ground in just two rounds of fighting without Montoya being able to land a hit! The Hellbitches, watching from their nicely placed ruined building, cheered their leader on – only to see her go Down after a five round combat between her and Sister Gerdt of the Redemption. Iron Jaw and an Eviscerator really helped there. However, she had at least wounded her opponent, unlike the hapless Montoya.

With Darque down (to a cheat, to boot – Gerdt had used her executioner cartridge on Yumiko), it wasn’t long before the Hellbitches lost their temper and started a riot. Black Tanya opened proceedings by blasting two Security troopers from their vantage point, although Sister Silent, attempting the same on the other side of the building, missed. This failure would be repeated for the rest of the game.

The Hellbitches had a commanding position, safely ensconced within their four-story building – or so they thought. The Redemption, keen to rescue Sister Gerdt and redeem some sinners, arrived! Within moments, Sister Silent and Kristine X had been shot off the top floor of the building, Kristine going Out of Action and Sister Silent miraculously surviving unharmed having fallen nine times her height to the ground.

Pit Security were reinforced, but this served only to provide more targets for the Hellbitches’ guns. Eventually, the Security officer and three Security men fell to the Hellbitches. Meanwhile, however, a more serious gunfight was going on between the Redemption and the femmes. Black Tanya had gunned down the three Redemptionists with ranged weapons, putting two Out of Action with S7 hits, and one Down.

But the Redemptionist threat wasn’t over yet! A Redemptionist with an Eviscerator and Executioner cartridge had made his way to the side of the building, ready to purge and burn. But Wildsnake Bliss, Nikki Divine and the Gimp were waiting for him, and pumped him full of shell, blast, and bullet. Unfortunately for the trio, the Redemptionist had Nerves of Steel and stood back up again – and unleashed a storm of fire. Bliss went straight Out of Action (although I later realised this was a mistake as she has 3 Wounds), and both Divine and the Gimp went Down, later to go Out of Action.

Revenge was had, though, as Tanya shot the Redemptionist down with her laspistol, while Ms Easy kicked the Down Redemptionist into unconsciousness. By this point, the Bedlam Boys had fought off their own Redemptionist attackers and the Security teams, and Jessi Sioux charged in, screaming, only to be felled by a Juve. Clearly she tripped as she reached them!

With Jessi Sioux Out of Action, that left just five Hellbitches standing against two full gangs. It was time to grab the prize creds and that prone security man, and get the scav out of there…

After the fight, with a +9 XP bonus for everyone, there were a lot of advances! Sadly, however, the Gimp had died, suffocated by his mask as it melted onto his face. However, Darque, with 40XP’s worth of wounding hits from the pit fight, gained +1S, Ld9, and Disarm. Tanya got tougher (T4), and became a Medic after having to patch up the badly burned Bliss and Divine. Sister Silent clearly performed poorly because she’d been experimenting with Chems, gaining the Chemist skill and +1A. Marya Plastik got I4 after seeing Kristine’s fall; Jessi learnt from her embarrasment and gained +1WS and Ld; Kristine took a Head Wound from her fall; Ms Easy got WS5, which would make her two swords even deadlier; Nikki Divine gained the Step Aside and Disarm skills, making her a combat monster and fitting bodyguard for Darque; and Bliss gained Step Aside and Ld7.

On the monetary side of things, after selling the captured security man to the Guild slavers, the Hellbitches made 80 creds (of which 5 was prize money for coming third). This immediately went on two new Juves, including a new Gimp for Darque to play with. Sister Silent cooked up some Blade Venom which Ms Easy took, while Darque now wears adapted flak armour. Sister Silent has fitted a Telescopic Sight to her plasma gun to help her hit things, and Wildsnake now has Scare Gas grenades to help protect her and her Juve protegés.

Next time, Yumiko!