Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
Another fast game resulting in a victory for the Hellbitches – although it didn’t look good at the time! Just three turns were played before the God Squad bottled (unluckily, with a roll of 11), and no monsters attacked.

The God Squad went first, and turn one saw both gangs moving rapidly but cautiously towards the loot that was in the middle of the table. The Hellbitches used Vents to get Tanya, Kristine, and Sister Silent in possession of a loot counter and in a position to fire on the God Squad’s heavy in turn two… if they survived the stubber fire. I should’ve kept back from the edge then moved and fired in turn two, with hindsight. Dangerously for Tanya and Kristine, three God Squadders appeared through Vents on the top of the tower they were on.

With Sister Silent in the open, it was inevitable that she’d be fired on by the heavy stubber. It was a risk, and a gamble, but one I felt I had to take. I lost. She was hit once, and went Out of Action immediately! However, that still left Black Tanya and Kristine X in a position to return fire and hopefully deal with the pesky heavy. So, Tanya duly opened up with her plasma gun, hitting the heavy square on with a S7 ball of plasma. And then failed to wound him. Arrrgh! Kristine, to compound matters, missed. However, he would at least not be shooting next turn. Again, the rest of the two gangs simply manouvered, hoping to gain the loot counters before retiring. The Orlocks on the tower went down a level, while two juves and a Ratskin attempted to outflank the Hellbitches. This would prove dangerous…

In the third and final turn, everything went the Hellbitches’ way. Tanya first took the heavy down with her laspistol (at 16”!), and this feat of arms was followed by Darque shooting down a juve with her plasma pistol – and Nikki Divine gunning a third down with her autopistol! And then the God Squad bottled! Game over, and a lucky victory for House Escher.

Sister Silent picked up an Arm Wound in her left arm, and just missed out on an advance. Thanks to the nature of the fight (it being a Grudge Match), all XP was doubled - which came in very handy indeed! Darque picked up an extra point of WS and T; Tanya became an Armourer; Marya gained Combat Master; Nikki an extra point of Initiative; and Wildsnake Bliss became a ganger with two extra wounds. All the loot counters were in the possession of the Hellbitches, and, after selling their Mung Vase for a 30 cred profit, the gang was left with 125 creds. This was reduced somewhat by the purchase of an Isotropic Fuel Rod, a bolt pistol, and a sword. The Hellbitches are, however, in a strong position for future fights against the hated Orlock.