Battle Report for Spion Redeemers
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/22/2008Gun Fight - Shoot-outWon
Stefan had taken a small group with him to explore the nearby settlement close to Joost's old ruined village. Jaap and Dirk had joined him, and as Koos was being a nuisance in the camp, he had brought him along too to make sure he could keep him in check. As they turned a corner down the main street, three Orlocks appeared leaving the Merchant's shop. Stefan quickly recognised their headband colours, and knew that he was face to face with the leader of the God Squad. Koos immediately started giggling and fiddling with his bolt shells, and Stefan recognised the sensitivity of the situation. This was their first encounter with one of the notorious gangs fighting at the Charred Cross. What were their intentions? The gangs slowly approached each other, with Stefan keeping Koos by the collar. "No one touches their guns…." he silently said to the group. Koos clearly didn't hear, as after a few steps he pulled down his shotgun and pumped it. The Orlocks reached for their guns immediately, but before any of them could shoot Stefan had pulled the trigger with 'Enrager' at max power, hitting the Orlock ganger on his right, square on the chest. It knocked the man down, but he was clearly still conscious. Another larger plasma blast flew down the street, as a bolt gun also went off.The Orlock leader had fired simultaneously with Jaap but their shots both went wide, bolt shells flying past Koos's head. Before the last Orlock ganger could react Dirk let rip with his heavy stubber, his back leaning against a building. Two shots hit the Orlock leader, one in the shoulder and another in the leg which took him down immediately. Koos and the remaining Orlock ganger both shot at each other but their shots only resulted in some shattered windows. Koos and Stefan rushed forward but Dirk let off another impressive salvo first, taking down the remaining Orlock. All the Orlocks were down, and Stefan checked to that the others everyone were OK. He didn't need to look at Koos… he was laughing manically " Hihihihi We got them, we got them!!!". Koos reloaded his shotgun and started to take aim at one of the prone Orlocks. "No!" yelled Stefan and pulled Koos back. The villagers were coming slowly out of their houses, starring at them angrily. "This is neutral territory, we shouldn't have done that! Let's get out of here … NOW!" He pushed Koos in the other direction, away from the carnage they had cause. Dirk followed from the rear, slowly walking backwards and keeping his gun aimed at the Orlocks in case of any surprises. The Orlocks were all bleeding, and getting back on their knees. The leader looked hurt, but Dirk thought it didn't look too serious. Koos had made a mess of this, and the God Squad were bound to remember their faces… with some bitterness. Word of the Spion Redeemers would spread quickly now...