Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/22/2008Gang FightLost
This was a game of Overwatch. Facing off against a gang which had a rating fully 1,490 points higher than mine, with such tricks as a one-in-a-million flame-thrower, Infiltrators, and – scarily – 15 members. Including a Ratskin! Then there was the medi-pack, the infra-red sight hotshot lasgun, the bio-booster, and so on and so forth.

Next to that lot, my Hellbitches were small and seriously outnumbered. But I knew I could pull off a win if I could just force bottle tests first. As a result, I took the side with the most cover, hoping to ambush them as they came to me. So what did I do? Why, I stuck Marya Plastik and her accompanying Juve, ‘Auto’ Shay, out in the open! Directly in front of the tower of an abandoned Guilder outpost! Which, of course, had a heavy stubber in it…

Meanwhile, his two Infiltrating gangers popped up in a building right next to my firebase team. I wasn’t too worried about this, but could’ve stopped them if I’d put Marya and Shay in the building as I had first planned. But, I didn’t, and, having lost the first turn to Chris, he promptly gunned them down. I moved around, putting the firebase team onto some ruins with a good field of fire (this would later prove vital), and my two surviving combat teams moved forwards to shelter in the lee of a building… but didn’t quite make it. Marya and Shay crawled to cover. At the end of the turn, there was a clang as my leader and her bodyguards, the Gimp and Nikki Divine, dropped from my Vents and into a position which covered the center and the building in which the Cosplay Maidens had their Infiltrators.

Chris’s heavy stubber, seemingly devoid of targets, managed to put a Flesh Wound on one of my Juves, ending his turn as he did so. I shuffled the Hellbitches around; putting Alice and her Juves on Overwatch along with my fireteam – the Cosplay Maidens had a ‘conga line’ of Gangers and Juves approaching, led by a Ratskin, on my left, and I knew they had to cross my line of fire in the centre if they wanted to get to me. All was going to plan.

And then Marya went Out of Action. Oh well. At least Shay had stood up, with a WS of 1 and a BS of 2…

The next few turns saw us jockeying for position, and highlights included Shay running towards the now hiding Infiltrators, spotting one – Shino – for my fireteam. Black Tanya promptly put her down with a plasma shot, and then, to top it off, Shay charged around the corner and kicked her into unconsciousness! One all, advantage Hellbitches… as everyone was now on Overwatch. Unfortunately for me, cunning manouvering by Chris put his heavy stubber in a position to open up on Sister Silent, who took a Flesh Wound (incredibly!) – but fortunately, when she stood up, Chris’s heavy missed with her next burst and enabled Sister Silent to get to cover and a better firing position. Shay, meanwhile, had been put down by the second Infiltrator’s hotshot red-dot lasgun, and had crawled to cover moaning.

For some turns after this short flurry of violence, little happened. I was content to wait and let the conga line come to me; and Chris was too wary of my Overwatch plasma gunners to come out of cover… at least with anyone other than his Ratskin, who, for his pains, was shot and went Out of Action.

Eventually, bored by the inaction, Chris moved. Two Juves broke cover, and were gunned down. They were followed by his one-in-a-million flamer, who was also put down, this time by Nikki Divine. Only one ganger, armed with a lasrifle, got past the waiting Hellbitches without harm as the first and last ball of glowing plasma from Darque’s pistol floated past her ear. At this point, the Cosplay Maidens had two members out, and three down. It was time for bottle tests – a third of his gang were lying on the floor, dead or dying! But with Ld 9, Chris’s gang wasn’t going anywhere… and I was in a perilous position, with Shay down (for the third time, thanks to the heavy stubber) and Marya out.

Exploiting this, the second Infiltrator moved up to a window, and put Wildsnake Bliss down with a beautiful shot from her hotshot lasgun. In revenge, the Hellbitches (ineffectually) opened up with everything they had, finally putting her Out of Action by a lucky shot from the Gimp’s laspistol. I was winning, with my gang in a strong position and 40% of the Cosplay Maidens either Out of Action or down! I could pull it off – a Giantkiller bonus was within reach!

And then I rolled a 10 for my bottle test. AAAAAARGH!

But it got better – Shino, the Infiltrator who’d been kicked into unconsciousness by Shay, had been Captured! Unfortunately, the big stub rounds that had put Shay down for the third time had obviously been too much for her, and she died. Marya, however, made a full recovery – and with that it was time to work out experience, advances, and income. Because of the rating difference, everyone bar Shay made 8+d6 experience base, in addition to +5 for each wounding hit. The result was that I made a total of 17 advance rolls, and Nikki Divine, Ms Easy, and the Gimp all became Gangers. Kristine X became a Gang Champion, while Ms Easy, obviously fired up by her promotion to the gang proper, gained a point of Leadership, putting her dangerously close to Alice Darque…

Tanya became a Weaponsmith; Sister Silent got an extra Attack (great. Not!); Marya increased her WS by 1 and got Counter-attack; Poli Stirene went up to WS4; Jessi, the newest member, picked up the Disarm skill; Gang Champion X went skill-crazy with Infiltrator, Escape Artist and Fixer; Ms Easy got an extra point of WS in addition to her increased Ld; Bliss bumped up her S to 5 and her Initiative to 4; while the Gimp became a Fixer and, rightly so, improved his BS to 3.

And Shino? After buying a Mung Vase for 40 creds (reducing my stash to 0 creds!), I ransomed her back to the Cosplay Maidens for 55 creds, which was spent on buying Ms Easy two swords and Nikki Divine a chainsword.

We’ll get you yet, Maidens!