Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/15/2008Gang FightWon
After Patrick’s first gang broke up, he wanted to exact revenge with his new (old) gang. So we cracked on and had a Gang Fight. He cunningly sent his Juves in ahead using some Tunnels, putting them dangerously near my gang. I, being overconfident, sent my six close-combat oriented combat teams to deal with them.
Except they got dealt with. A quick round of shooting from some pistols later and two Gangers were Down and their Juves running for cover. Damn! Nikki, who’d arrived with Darque and the Gimp, was hit and took a Flesh Wound from a Van Saar’s lasrifle. Blast!

But wait! It got better! Sort of. Black Tanya vaporised a Van Saar ganger who’d stupidly sat just inside the range of her plasma gun, while Poli Stirene clubbed one of the pesky Juves who’d broken apart my gang into unconsciousness. Then, to top it off, Kristine X fired her first shot in three games and put another Juve down.

With one Van Saar a pile of ash and two more Juves down, the enemy took a bottle roll – and failed. The day belonged to the Hellbitches! But the victory came with a high price, for Jo Hard had taken an autopistol round to the throat and died. However, the rest of the gang did very well. Darque gained Parry, Black Tanya +1 BS (making her deadlier with her plasma gun), Poli Stirene became a Weaponsmith (hurrah!), and Nikki Divine got some Impressive Scars.

None of this was as useful as the Gimp gaining an extra attack and another extra point of weapons skill – becoming the second most skilled member of the gang after Darque!

Sadly, however, only 15 creds were gained from the Slag, Water Still, and Old Ruins that were worked, bringing the stash up to 70. Not quite enough to totally replace Jo Hard, but enough to get a new ganger… just about.