Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/15/2008Gun Fight - Shoot-outWon
This was the fastest game of Necromunda I’ve ever played. After random rolling for gangers present, Gunfight Alley saw Alice Darque, Black Tanya, Sister Silent and Poli Stirene facing off against an un-named heavy stubber-toting Van Saar and a ganger with manstopper shells for his shotgun.

Darque pulled first, putting the heavy down with her plasma pistol (on full power, of course). This sealed the game, really, but we kept going. Neither of my heavies hit or wounded with their full power plasma guns at the downed heavy, while Poli also missed with her laspistol. In return, Sister Silent was pinned by a Manstopper round – but the ganger was then taken out of action with five hits (two wounding) from Darque and her chainsword/knife combination!

After that little scrap, the gang picked up another 30 creds and some more experience, but nothing fancy. However, the Van Saar – still without a name – were retired, following their heavy’s death! And immediately replaced by another Van Saar gang that just happened to have exactly the same starting roster and figures!