Battle Report for The Hellbitches
Game Date:Scenario:Outcome:
1/8/2008Gang FightWon
A close-fought bloodbath which came down to bottle rolls in the end; this first outing for the Hellbitches saw the girls face off against some Emperor-forsaken deserters and traitors. Except, of course, in the Underhive… so long as your creds are good and your arms are strong, no-one will take an interest in your murky backgrounds.

It all started badly with Sister Silent taking a heavy stub round to the head and going Out of Action – with the first shot of the game! – followed by my forgetting about two of the gang who were taking cover under a walkway and behind a bulkhead. The rest of the Hellbitches, however, managed to stay in the fight, take out the Aventine leader (the crucial moment) and outlast the Guardsmen, who bottled after six turns of rolling!

After the game, the Juves’d done good, with Wildsnake Bliss getting Impressive Scars, Nikki Divine picking up Counter-Attack and Combat Master (clearly from watching Alice Darque kick an Aventine who was down into unconsciousness). Jo Hard (more on her later) was also fortunate enough to pick up Feint, presumably because she’d gained experience from dodging the las-blasts of the Aventine lasrifles. Fantastically, though, Ms Easy became a Fixer … or would do, as soon as she became a fully-fledged Ganger.

So, after their first gang fight, their rating had gone up by 100, several had gained experience, skills, and stat-increases, and the stash had leapt from 10 to 25 credits. Even better, despite three models out of action at the end, no-one died!