Necromunda - Hive Primus
An Online Necromunda Gang Roster

This site was created, hosted and maintained by LastSummer. It is to be a tool for the players of Necromunda. Players can sign-up and add their gangs so that everyone can view their progress. You can add as much or as little details as you would like, but feel free to take advantage of this site to add fluff to your gang and give them life. The site is designed to be used with Internet Explorer 5.5 and greater. If features do not appear to be working, check for browser updates.

There are a few rules for using this site:
Only one account per person.
Each person can have as many gangs online as you want as long as the gangs are currently in play.
Gangs that have not been updated within three months may be deleted.
Accounts that have not been used in six months may be deleted.
Each gang is allowed one 100k or less photo. Please use this to upload a photo of the gang or logo.
Offensive material or violations of copyrights are not permitted.
Users are expected to have the utmost respect for all other users.
Abuse of this system is strictly forbidden and abusers will be tracked.

If you have any questions or problems with this site feel free to contact admin@lastsummer.com.

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