Vortex: Core Rulebook

Necromunda - Hive Primus
Necromunda is a campaign based skirmish miniature game by Games Workshop. The game, while poorly supported, is available for free from the GW web site. Take your heroes from the epic battles of 40,000 into the dark, seedy underbelly of hivecity living.
While you battle in the underhive for gang dominance you can use this site to keep track of your gang, enter your battle report, create a printable gang sheet, and even upload a picture of your gang.
Sign-up, log-in, get your minis on the table and share your experience with the world. Enjoy.

1Spion Redeemers6,290
2The Hellbitches4,543
3Flaming fists of fate4,029
4Deathbite Ripperjacks3,971
5Evyl Unklez3,917
6Rosia's Rough & Readies.3,855
7White Noise (Oulaws - 310 Guild Price)3,588
8Pit Scorpions3,567
9Questionably Legal3,562
11Omni-Hexagon Corp.: Customer Services Department3,514
12Electric Seven3,483
13Bedlam Boys3,452
14Duct Devils3,171
15Cult of The Endless Way (Stealers - Outlaw)3,160
16XIV Aventine Hotshots2,907
17Murphy's Law - Precinct 1012,890
1812 dwarves and that darn hobbit2,853
19Henrie Boys2,719
20Darkwater Enforcement2,706
21The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon2,638
22Exorcists Squad Hellhammer2,615
23Syndicate X2,583
24Hive City Suffragettes2,547
25The Thick Blue Line2,488
26The Sturmtruppen2,420
27Ancientgear, the Ageless Abbey of Artifices.2,401
28Kill-Team Scalakai2,355
29Gunshot Glitter 2,348
30The Zen Yahoos2,338
31Spire Guerrilas2,292
32Clan D'Estine2,265
33Captain Harwoods Boys2,253
34Faith in Fire2,248
35The Debilitators2,233
36Mercy Killers2,206
37Space Slann2,200
38The Watchmen2,186
39Patrol Drake2,170
40The God Squad2,124
41Children of the sun2,117
42Kanto Scorpions2,111
44Innominate (They Who Must Not Be Named)2,005
45The McPhatterson Family Circus2,001
46Captain Harwoods boys II1,961
47Bloody Band1,946
48Divine Minions1,944
51Honey Bunnies1,812
52Ga roqs tenticles1,797
53Afri White1,781
54Sidious' Slashers1,760
55McKain's Team1,755
56Da Skumm1,753
57Abiel's Redeemers1,736
58Muvvers's Rooin1,733
60Corax's Blackwings1,720
64Brotherhood of Nod1,679
65The Fox River Gang1,662
66The Second Rise of the Scroffs1,661
67The Surculus Stalkers1,631
68Dogs of the Hive1,614
70The "Sleepin' Banana" 's Boys1,594