Last Summer Productions

Last Summer Productions began work on its first audio drama in 1994. An outgrowth of a role-playing campaign, Ebon Storms was a massive undertaking with a cast of 37 actors playing 78 roles. Set in a mythical land of magic and adventure, Ebon Storms became a challenge from scripting, to acting, to recording, to sound effects, to music. The final thirteen half-hour episode epic took nearly two years to complete. The epic series has been aired on a number of radio stations all over the world since its release. It is available for free in Podcast form and can be heard below.

The Will Of Osiris was Last Summer's second finished production but first major release. This Horror themed drama was the first to be created in a professional recording studio. The audio from this drama will be available here soon.

Ebon Storms

The Will of Osiris